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Nov 30, 2011 09:34 PM

Driving from VT to Albany on Sunday to see a movie at Spectrum 8. Where can we get a decent dinner after the movie?

We would prefer someplace that didn't serve a lot of legumes (Indian) because of an allergy....but would enjoy well prepared, preferably locally sourced ingredients at less that $50 pp.

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  1. Within the same block as the theater, is the New World Bistro Bar. They meet your criteria. You probably should make a reservation. Also in that block is My Linh's Vietnamese restaurant. I don't know how much of their food is locally sourced.

    Other than those two, you will have to drive elsewhere in town.

    New World Bistro Bar
    300 Delaware Ave, Albany, NY

    My Linh
    272 Delaware Ave, Albany, NY 12209

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    1. re: Roger K

      Second Roger K's suggestions. I have not been to My Linh's but my SO has and likes it (note: many hounds prefer Van's for Vietnamese).

      1. re: Roger K

        Another vote for New World! I was in Albany the weekend of Irene, and had a couple of wonderful dinners there, including one after catching a pair of movies at the Spectrum.

        1. re: Roger K

          And another vote for New World Bistro Bar! I believe most of their ingredients are locally sourced and you can get very reasonably priced meals there, especially considering the quality.

        2. And if celebrity chefs are your thing, Chef Ric is a two time "Chopped" winner:

          You can also check out their "local sourcing" list.

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            if i remember correctly, the theater owners are new world's landlord. another vote for new world.