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Nov 30, 2011 09:34 PM

Bar or Restaurant for 20 people to have drinks and apps Near Greenwich Street/Clarkson

Hi all,

Looking for a bar that serves food, or a restaurant (that's not a sit-down type place) for a group of 20 for casual business drinks. Hopefully a place that can easily accommodate 20 people this Friday night at 9pm. Doesn't have to be a place that takes reservations, but that wouldn't hurt. Seeking location that is walking distance or close to Greenwich Street/Clarkson.

I had a previous post searching for the same thing near W. 52nd/6th Ave, and got some good suggestions for that part of town.

My boss hasn't decided which part of town they will be in yet, so I'm looking for suggestions for both parts of town, and split the threads.


A desperate, out of state chowhounder

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