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Nov 30, 2011 08:12 PM


They say they have a wood grill now. is it real? do they really have a grill master ? i live close to a red lobster restaurant and i don't see any log piles out side to feed a wood grill. maybe they use liquid smoke instead?

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  1. Maybe the whole schtick is gullibility-dependent?

    1. From the Red Lobster website
      Our Grills…
      Red Lobster retrofitted 680 restaurant kitchens with wood-fire assist grills, with particular
      attention given to the grates – the width of the bars, sturdiness, durability and ease of

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        They have these in Outback Steakhouse. The only noticeable difference is that the wood grilled steaks are saltier.

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          The grilled fish at RL is extremely salty - to the point of inedibility IMO. But if I remember to ask them not to salt/"season" the fish before they grill it, it's not bad. It's definitely my dish of preference if I find myself at a RL. (I've assumed that it's actually something like a gas grill with some wood chips in the vicinity, but I have no idea how it really works.)

      2. They say they have seafood? Is it real?

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          1. I wonder how a "wood-fire assisted grill" works in practice. According to article at following link, "The open-top gas grills in a majority of its restaurants were modified to burn oak logs with a gas assist." I wonder whether the wood is providing most of the heat or whether it's being used like the wood chips (in a smoker box or foil) that one might use with a conventional gas grill at home.