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Nov 30, 2011 07:30 PM

Looking for a large dutch oven

I'm trying to find a large (minimum 8.5qt/9L) enameled CI dutch oven in the KW/hamilton area, T.O. would be a last resort. I have seen the LC at 299$ but I didn't want to go that high but I will if I have to , to get my SO what she wants.

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  1. has le cuistot 8.5qt for $159, and 10qt for $175 not sure what stores carry this brand but it might be worth checking out, or just buying from amazon.

    1. Costco has a red French made dutch oven for $79 under the Kirkland brand.

      Le Cuistot is Chinese.

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        Those are very nice. Oddly, they're not exactly flying off the shelves out in the western GTA.

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          are the kirkland ones large enough though? on the website they are smaller then the 8.5qt

            1. re: jayt90

              Did you mean to try and copy the whole web page? :) Didn't turn out so well...

              1. re: ylsf

                Fixed it!
                It is $10 less in the store.

        2. Looks like I'm going for a drive on sat then, if I ordered from amazon she would end up getting it at the door and not at christmas.
          Thanks all

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            You could ship your amazon order to the office or a friend's house

            Home Sense usually has a great selection

          2. Check out Caynes. They carry the Lodge enameled cast iron DOs in a number of different sizes and they do ship.

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              I just checked Caynes web-site, do they stock more than what's on-line they only list 2 starfrite ones(not that there's anything wrong with them) they aren't big enough. The home sense, home outfitter,home hardware, and CTC don't have the bigger sizes and the 2 specialty shops I checked in Hamilton only carry La cruzet and stub and no way I'm spending 700$ with tax on a pot. I might have to go the shipping route.

              1. re: Dave5440

                i was in the cookstown outlet mall and they had a lc 10+L for $500 today, not a fun price but a bit better then $700

                1. re: TeRReT

                  Well it was 599$ plus Pinocchios cut would take it close enough to 700$

                2. re: Dave5440

                  I was there last week and saw the lodge eanmelled cast iron in a variety of sizes. Perhaps you can give them a call to see if they have the size you are looking for.

              2. I just thought I'd update, after calling and driving around for 2 weeks and still finding nothing that big in stock, I decided not to cheap out and ended up ordering(delivered to the store) a La Cruzet 9L oval Dutch oven , It came to 460$ plus taxes and I should get it tomorrow. I waited till sunday night to pull the trigger and I have to thank the girls at The Keeping Room in Hamilton for all their help and great service

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                1. re: Dave5440

                  good choice. i held out for years to be able to afford le creuset, and i love love love them (dutch oven & braiser). anytime you see the other brands for sale, there is always at least one chipped item. but i know people with 40+ year old well-used le creuset in perfect condition.

                  1. re: Dave5440

                    I'm sure she will love it, and I know it's going to get a lot of use.

                    To clarify The Keeping Room is in Dundas not Hamilton