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Nov 30, 2011 06:59 PM

Animal without pork?

I'm planning to be in LA soon and was interested in eating at Animal. There is a caveat that since I eat kosher-style I don't eat pork (or shellfish, rabbit, etc. but I suppose those are less the problem). My understanding is that Animal is known for pork more than just about anything else.

I don't want to be one of those diners asking them to change around the whole menu for my sake. Just wondering if I'll be able to enjoy a complete meal there without any pork (or shellfish)? The sample menu online definitely looks doable, but I have no idea how representative it is and if I can still expect to get some good variety.

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  1. Animal is not the best choice with your dietary restrictions. They do have a few other dishes so it is possible but I don't think you would be happy. You end up with a lot of high acid bridge dishes. Son of a Gun (newer, owned by the same people) would be a better choice.

    And I seriously doubt they would be willing to make substitutions...

    1. Yeah, you can get a salad and the oxtail cheddar poutine. And also the sauteed fish with browned butter and corn kernels, which is usually on offer. And there are a couple more salad dishes too. You can also get the hanger steak with a parmesan fondue.

      I still think you'd leave happy if you can eat beef there at least. As the two above dishes have beef in them.

      1. Animal is well known to deny any changes to their dishes. And with your restrictions you might have a rather limited number of dishes available. Not sure Animal is the best choice for you.

        1. There are organ meats too - the liver toast (which I always get), the sweetbreads and I'm probably forgetting something.

          Every dish I've tried there I've enjoyed.

          I think you can put a tasty meal there and keep it "kosher style". I didn't know rabbit was treif, but I just checked and you're right. Camel too.

          1. Agree with other posters that Son of a Gun might have more options for you, but I'm such a fan of Animal that I feel it would be a shame to miss it. Animal has so much to offer that I think you can easily put together a meal without pork, shellfish or rabbit. They update their online menu fairly often, and I've always found it to be pretty representative, give or take a couple of dishes. While they do decline substitations, from their most recently posted menu, you could have:

            chicken liver toast 3
            baby kale, pecorino, lemon chili vinaigrette, breadcrumbs 10
            marrow bone, chimichurri, caramelized onions 10
            lettuce, beets, avocado, pita, feta, creamy sumac 11
            veal tongue, smoked foie gras, pastrami spices, crab apple 13
            grilled baby broccoli, soft egg, pancetta vinaigrette, parmesan 13
            veal brains, vadouvan, apple sauce, carrot 14
            hamachi tostada, herbs, fish sauce vinaigrette, peanut 15
            yellowtail collar, jerk spices, jicama, seaweed, palm sugar vinaigrette 16
            potato agnolotti, caramelized onion, parmesan 16
            poutine, oxtail gravy, cheddar 18
            alaskan halibut, chantrelles, corn, hot peppers, green goddess 20
            foie gras terrine, date butter, saba 20
            flat iron, sunchoke hash, truffle parmesan fondue 28 (unless you can't do dairy with meat)

            berries, vanilla custard, lavender crumble, opal basil 7
            sticky toffee pudding, mascarpone, orange 7
            tres leches, dulce de leche 7

            If you're still hungry after that, you can hop over to Son of a Gun. Or across the street for a Golden State burger! Have fun!

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              yeah, that's a huge chunk of the menu that i guess you can habve. go for teh halbut and the putine, and the sticky toffee pudding for dessert which great stuff.

              and yeah, i concur why not afterwards just hit up another dish at Son of a Gun, also, though S>OG is very high in the shelfifsh eats and one of their main fish dishes is fried catfish so that probably won't work out too well.