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Nov 30, 2011 06:53 PM

Two great meals at Yuba

Tonight was the 2nd night I had a terrific meal at Yuba, a newish Japanese restaurant on 9th St between 3rd and 4th Aves. Both times the restaurant has been close to empty which is so sad because, honestly, it was great.

First time I had their signature appetizer yuba (tofu skin) with uni, as well as a few other apps including some dumplings. Then had the sushi omakase. It was very generous in terms of the number of pieces we got and some different types of fish, too. The eel was particularly delicious, as was the shrimp sushi (they later presented the fried heads to us at the end of the meal), among other things. The bill came and we were surprised that the omakase came out to only $60 a person. I liken it to Seki and Seki would have been double that price for what we got.

Tonight had the omakase with both sushi and other hot dishes, like fried corn cake, shiso peppers. Seared toro and seared scallop sushi were both good as was monkfish liver in yuzu sauce. That was only $75.

Service is so friendly. They remembered us the second time and gave us some items on the house both times.

It's always amazing to me how some restaurants catch on so quickly and others don't and I will be really sad if this closes. I'm counting on fellow CHers to check it out!!

105 E 9th St, New York, NY 10003

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  1. Thanks for the review - sounds like a great deal! Been meaning to go since another 'hound posted a positive review a while ago. I'm not a huge fan of yuba in general, but I see so many apps on the menu that sound delicious. And it sounds like their sushi is quite good as well.

    1. I just had Yuba cater a private diner party for was amazing, and the quality of sushi was phenomenal.

      1. I've had a lot of praise for Yuba lately and shared it on other threads.

        My hubs took me out on Saturday night, Yuba has become our favorite mid-priced neighborhood sushi bar so we went there again for dinner. Since their sashimi quality has been stellar and consistent, we decided to give the Omakase a try- it was fantastic! Even my husband- who is picky to the Nth degree- was very impressed. The fish was so delicious I didn't even use soy sauce or wasabi- it didn't need it. I asked for a sashimi version of the omakase since my stomach is on the small side and I fill up on rice very fast, they were happy to oblige. There were many standouts, and I'll try to remember them all. There were many more than what I'm listing but the following really stood out to me:

        - White Tuna with Yuzu foam - the yuzu foam with white tuna was something new for me, it was just a tiny bit of sweetness but had a nice acidity to temper the rich tuna.
        - lightly seared Fluke - I was not a fan of fluke until I tried this, it was surprisingly buttery and light and the best fluke I've had.
        - O-toro with truffle- they like to play with truffles at Yuba, I happen to love it and think it's a great paring with sashimi even though it's leaning towards fusion cuisine.
        - mackerel (aji?)- very high quality had a wonderful pop and fattiness, it almost tasted like o-toro.
        - Amaebi and Uni
        - scallop
        - Deep fried amaebi heads
        - Seared fresh eel with foie gras - the grand finale! My sashimi version had the foie on it, a very nice fusion spin. The eel was soo good that it stood triumphant on it's own, but foie elevated it to new heights. It together they were almost ankimo-like in flavor, which I love and would put on my death-row meal.

        We also had a couple of their special hand rolls: ikura, uni and avocado with jicama, and a tuna/uni jicama version. Both excellent, my husband liked the leaner tuna handroll and I preferred the ikura.

        Whenever I go here I feel like a kid in a candy store.