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Nov 30, 2011 06:01 PM

Festive New Year's Eve Dinner

Hi all,
I'm lookin for a nice restaurant to celebrate New Year's eve. It will just be my husband and I. We are late diners so I was thinking about a 10:30pm sitting. Our price range is about 55$/pp or 85$/pp with wine pairings. We are open to any type of food and wanted the place to be up beat and festive without a club feel. It is not necessary that the restaurant be open past midnight, but a champagne toast is a bonus. We will be taking a cab home (NDG) so I didn't want to venture out much further than the plateau.
Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. Comptoir is having a nice NYE supper - i think it's a "best of" what they have served during 2011...

    1. "Lawrence will be open December 31st for New Year's Eve dinner: four courses, wine or beer pairings, merriment. Reservations: 514.503.1070."!/Lawrencefood/

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        lol you just beat me to it! Bistro Biarritz has also been taking suggestions for what it should do for NYE, so that might be another option!