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Nov 30, 2011 05:57 PM

Christina's Newton Highlands

Went today for lunch. For apps we had the Kefalograviera saganaki (fried cheese) and also the fried calamari. I had the Greek pork with oven potatoes and a salad. My DC both had the sliced lamb pita with french fries. Desert was rice pudding and Galactoboureko (custard pie). Everything (I do mean everything) was delicious. The owner was very accommodating and offered to do special dishes with a few days notice. This is a real gem and I hope the hounds support it.

Christina's, 1203 Walnut Street, Newton Highlands, MA, 02461

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  1. thank you for reminding me. I had lunch with a friend at Christina's last week and loved it. The eggplant pasha was everything you want in a greek dish (not to start a war but it was very like the wonderful turkish eggplant my grandmother made!!): the flavors were bright, perfectly blended, and the ingredients were clearly excellent quality. It was, I thought, a tad pricey but it was very good cooking in a very pretty room. we'll be returning.

    1. We had dinner there a few ago and was not impressed. The service was very, very slow and not on a busy night. The waitress apologized for something off in the kitchen, but it was agonizing sitting there with nothing to eat with decor that gives me the creeps. That being said, the greek salad was ok (but not a real greek salad) and one of the dips was ok. Everything else was too greasy and over priced. We will not be going back, ever.

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        Sorry you didn't enjoy it. Our lunch was FABULOUS!!! As I said I hope the hounds support it. It would be a shame to see this place fail.

      2. Went to Christina's for the first time tonight. The food was good. I will never go back.

        They had one waitress and one line cook preparing all of the meals. (I saw a second person appear behind the counter on occasion, but it wasn't clear what he was doing.) From the time we sat down until the time we left took almost 2 hours, notwithstanding a very slow dining room. When the food finally did come out, three of the four of us got our meals; I had to wait another 10 minutes for a souvlaki sandwich.

        The bread we were served after sitting for more than half an hour was excellent. The other food I tasted, including my sandwich, was good to very good (except for the fries, which were cold and awful).

        It's a shame. There's clearly a lot of potential here. But based on catspercapita's experience, my experience, and a similar prior experience reported to me by one of my dining companions, I just can't see going back.

        BTW, although I put this in the category of "bad service," it's more a case of bad management. The one waitress and the one line cook appeared to be doing their best. But that just doesn't cut it when identical problems are reported on three different occasions.