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Nov 30, 2011 05:28 PM

Gluten-free plum christmas pudding

I'd like to make a plum pudding for Christmas, but it needs to be gluten free since my wife has celiacs disease. I have a traditional recipe that calls for wheat flour. Does anyone know what flours might work well as a substitute in a steamed pudding?

We have lots of different gluten free flours at home that we use in gluten-free baking. We these mix in various proportions depending on the application (for example, different mixes for breads, pies, or pastries), but we've never tried to do it with a steamed pudding. Any ideas of what might work best for this application?


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  1. I suggest you check out Nigella Lawson's Christmas Pudding recipe in Feast. That's the one I've used as a guideline for years. She uses a fair bit of ground almond (and no flour, but breadcrumbs instead), and I have a feeling you could replace all the breadcrumbs with ground almonds and nothing would go awry.

    You could really use any appropriate GF flour that strikes your fancy in this application, since it's the mass of sticky dried fruit that holds the thing together, not gluten. After four (or eight!) hours' steaming, just about anything will be moist and compact enough to hold up to flaming brandy and slicing. Good luck!

    1. Shaffey: I realize this is too late for 2011, but I have two suggestions. I am the mom of a celiac who is a real foodie. We have recently discovered Cup4Cup flour subsitute from The French Laundry availabe at William Sonoma's in TO (where I have to go on business quite frequently so pick it up). I have no idea when it will be avail on line in Canada from WS, though I am hoping if enough people ask, it may happen.

      This is BY FAR the best GF flour mix we have discovered...really did well in our fave Brownie and Ginger Spice Christmas recipes this year.

      My daughter is not keen on plum pudding so that was less of a challenge...last year however, we were very impressed with the GF Plum Pudding from Marks and Spencer from BritSuperStore online.

      Good luck and, for the record,, like the previous poster, I find the substitution of ground almond meal to be a useful flour substitute in sweet recipes that do not call for quantities of more than 1/2 cup.