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In San Jose and searching for PIE!

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I'm going to be in San Jose for a few days next week and I'm trying to find somewhere great for some pie. I have no idea about the layout of San Jose, but I do have great GPS!

Please help! I don't want to exist on french fries and hotel breakfast. :-(

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  1. Top Nosh Cafe has very good savory pies and excellent ECCO Caffe

    Top Nosh Cafe
    1167 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, CA 95125

    1. Smoking Pig BBQ - I haven't been yet has peanut butter pie $4.25/slice; $36 whole
      1144 N. 4th St, SJ 95112

      Marie Callendar's - there's a location in SJ. Lemon meringue, chocolate cream, etc.

      1. Thanks! I'm looking for a fruit pie place - sorry I should have said that in the original post. I heard that there's a great place (green chilie pies) in SF that offer a pie milkshake - could there be anything more perfect? But I am a lazy britches and can't be bothered to drive an hour north!

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          Call Icing on the Cake in Los Gatos and ask if/what pies they have on hand - theirs are good, as are the ones at Draegar's in Los Altos.

          Icing On the Cake
          50 W Main St, Los Gatos, CA 95030