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Nov 30, 2011 04:21 PM

Sick at home and desperately in need of some great MISO and sushi delivery in THORNHILL

but need to hear from you SOON :(

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    1. re: itzi

      thanks - only saw this now - landed up getting Italian from Dante's. Have tried the Indian from that company - only one in our area - was really disappointing...

    2. You could try Cynthia's, at the Promenade. 905-882-8887. (I never tried them myself for delivery, though)

      1. Aoyama prepares sushi and sashimi for take out, and miso could be included. You might have to pay by credit card and have a taxi deliver.

        Or, perhaps someone could pick up sushi at T&T along with a Kikkoman miso package.

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        1. re: jayt90

          had actually called them re delivery but didn't think of the taxi idea - person had a bit of a problem understanding what I wanted - at the time I wrote, was no 'someone' to pick stuff up - he was travelling..but seeing that still sick and he's home, might try - thanks for writing

          and also to Iamaranthe re Cynthia's