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Favorites at JAR as of late?

I've sat at the bar at Jar for a drink and chips many times. So good. As well as Mozzarella Mondays. But is has been a long time since I had dinner there and I am going tonight with some friends. Just wondered what people enjoy.. salads, sides, braises, whatever - thanks!

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  1. i'd love to know if their creamed corn is still awesome.

    1. The correct answer is always the same when it comes to JAR, get the pot roast :P

      1. Burger (they'll serve it at table too if you ask); fries and lobster bearnaise sauce; hot fudge and caramel sundae. Add a cocktail and you may have a hard time getting up - have fun

        1. Downhill alert.

          Before it was just pricey and generally pretty good.

          Now, it's just overpriced and generally pretty bad.

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            i've had just about the worst service i've ever experienced at Jar and will never be back.

          2. The menu doesn't change a whole lot. When we were last there about 2 months (heh- group on or something) we had the clams, pork chop, duck fried rice, and some sort of excellent Asian side veg. Very good.

            1. I was back about a month ago and had an excellent meal, starting with the squash blossoms stuffed with lobster in ponzu sauce (special), followed by the char siu pork chop and a side of duck fried rice, capped off with the wonderful butterscotch pudding for dessert. Service was fine, though I miss some of the original waitstaff.

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                Had dinner a few weeks ago and we all thought the food was tops - oxtails, chicken, wonderful lobster thingys for starter. Thought the room had a dingy quality and needed a little more mood lighting to brighten it up. Service OK but a bit labored. Its a hike for us from Westwood so this is not on our regular route particularly since so many new watering holes/eat places are opening up on the West side.

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                  The one person in the party who raved was Mme Zoe who had coque au vin and had to be manually prevented from licking the platter.

              2. the ribeye is always a safe bet. pair that with purple yam w creme fraiche, and I'm a happy camper.