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Favorites at JAR as of late?

Tom P Nov 30, 2011 03:37 PM

I've sat at the bar at Jar for a drink and chips many times. So good. As well as Mozzarella Mondays. But is has been a long time since I had dinner there and I am going tonight with some friends. Just wondered what people enjoy.. salads, sides, braises, whatever - thanks!

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  1. c
    Clyde RE: Tom P Nov 30, 2011 03:41 PM

    i'd love to know if their creamed corn is still awesome.

    1. twyst RE: Tom P Nov 30, 2011 03:56 PM

      The correct answer is always the same when it comes to JAR, get the pot roast :P

      1. j
        jessejames RE: Tom P Nov 30, 2011 04:07 PM

        Burger (they'll serve it at table too if you ask); fries and lobster bearnaise sauce; hot fudge and caramel sundae. Add a cocktail and you may have a hard time getting up - have fun

        1. ipsedixit RE: Tom P Nov 30, 2011 07:34 PM

          Downhill alert.

          Before it was just pricey and generally pretty good.

          Now, it's just overpriced and generally pretty bad.

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          1. re: ipsedixit
            veee RE: ipsedixit Nov 30, 2011 08:37 PM

            i've had just about the worst service i've ever experienced at Jar and will never be back.

          2. j
            JudiAU RE: Tom P Nov 30, 2011 08:59 PM

            The menu doesn't change a whole lot. When we were last there about 2 months (heh- group on or something) we had the clams, pork chop, duck fried rice, and some sort of excellent Asian side veg. Very good.

            1. n
              New Trial RE: Tom P Nov 30, 2011 11:48 PM

              I was back about a month ago and had an excellent meal, starting with the squash blossoms stuffed with lobster in ponzu sauce (special), followed by the char siu pork chop and a side of duck fried rice, capped off with the wonderful butterscotch pudding for dessert. Service was fine, though I miss some of the original waitstaff.

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              1. re: New Trial
                ZoeZ RE: New Trial Dec 1, 2011 08:26 AM

                Had dinner a few weeks ago and we all thought the food was tops - oxtails, chicken, wonderful lobster thingys for starter. Thought the room had a dingy quality and needed a little more mood lighting to brighten it up. Service OK but a bit labored. Its a hike for us from Westwood so this is not on our regular route particularly since so many new watering holes/eat places are opening up on the West side.

                1. re: ZoeZ
                  ZoeZ RE: ZoeZ Dec 1, 2011 08:28 AM

                  The one person in the party who raved was Mme Zoe who had coque au vin and had to be manually prevented from licking the platter.

              2. c
                chezwhitey RE: Tom P Dec 1, 2011 09:32 AM

                the ribeye is always a safe bet. pair that with purple yam w creme fraiche, and I'm a happy camper.

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