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Nov 30, 2011 03:35 PM

Diageo Employee Wine Sale until Dec 3

I'm not acquainted with Sara Desmond of Diageo and do not profit from this in any way. Just passing on a deal that appeared in my inbox.

"Hi Friends, Family and Colleagues,

The Diageo Employee Wine Sale is back and I wanted to share with you this exceptional collection of wines to give, drink and collect during the holiday season! The sale opens November 22 and runs through December 3. Choose the perfect gift for everyone on your list!

Here’s how it works:

• Click this link
• If you’re new, click ‘new customer’ to register
• Enter my Diageo email address:
• Start shopping and save up to 70%

All prices are per case (yes, 12 bottles in a case, except 1.5L contains 6 bottles and 3L contains 1 bottle) and include shipping right to your doorstep (average savings of $40 per case), so the only additional price you pay is taxes. Please be sure that someone over 21 can sign for the delivery.

If you need help accessing our site, you can call customer service: (800) 615-1403. Happy Holidays and enjoy the savings!


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  1. Ahem. Even if one were to go through the links, there is information that would not correspond
    to data that Sara had inputted (such as passwords.) I think there is something a touch unethical about this process.

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    1. re: penthouse pup

      If you go in to the website and click new customer, you get another form and you put sara in as the referring employee.

    2. Sadly, albeit for understandable reasons, the sale only applies to their California wineries, *NOT* their entire portfolio. Still, there are some EXCELLENT deals here . . .