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Nov 30, 2011 03:25 PM

River Road plantations lunch?

Going to take a day trip while in NO to see Oak Alley and Laura. Should we lunch at Spuddy's or B&C, or somewhere else? It's all about the food.......

Thanks to all!

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  1. B and C is a great spot. We have been twice and it has been a perfect compliment to the day. Had red beans and rice with sausage on last visit and it was pure happiness. Tried boudin and it was not all it was cracked up to be but when in Rome.....Staff is homey nice and when you pay you will look at 8-10 shrimp at the register for less than 6 bucks a pound . Go ahead and try to figure out how to get those bad boys home . I use their seafood spice instead of Old Bay.

    1. You can have lunch at B & C Seafood down the road from Laura.
      B & C Seafood Market and Cajun Restaurant @ 2155 Louisiana 18, Vacherie, LA 225 - 265 - 8356.
      Or you could have lunch after you leave OA at Grapevine Cafe and Gallery. Drive W on Highway 18 to Donaldsonville, LA and have lunch at Grapevine Cafe.
      Grapevine Cafe and Gallery @ 211 Railroad Avenue, Donaldsonville, LA 225 - 473 - 8463.

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        We are going to be "fine dining' a bunch in NO. B&C looks like my kind of place for lunch. Thanks........

      2. I think there was a thread on this last spring sometime; might be worth looking up.

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        1. When I did this, I left NOLA in the late morning and stopped at Drago's on the way. Can't beat those chargrilled oysters!

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            We have Drago's on the list. Another day we are going to Breaux Bridge, then loop south down Hiway90, back through Houma, and back to NO. Will probably go to Drago's that night for grilled oysters after a big lunch at Poche's or Cafe des Amis in Breaux Bridge. Thanks

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              Drago's at the Hilton may have been one of the most disappointing NOLA dining experiences ever. The chargrilled oysters are definitely different but not what they are cracked up to be and the rest of the menu was pretty overpriced and not well prepared. Butter and garlic make anything great (why else eat snails) but globs of it diminish the reason for it, namely a good oyster.

              1. re: Hockey19

                We were thinking the Metarie location...probably just the chargrilled oysters and a bowl of gumbo. We will be having plenty of raw and fried oysters elsewhere. I have not had them, but the general concensus is that Drago has great chargrilled oysters. I shall keep your comment in mind, however.

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                  I have not been but that location is panned by almost everyone on this board. The original location in Metarie, where I had my lunch, is great.