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Nov 30, 2011 02:39 PM

Looking to buy good quality smoked salmon ( not cured salmon) in the greater boston area?

Any thoughts on a good brand of or even better locally made smoked salmon? Just to be clear, I am looking for SMOKED salmon, NOT cured salmon (Gravlax or lox). I love them both, but the gravlax is a topic for another thread...

Anywhere in Eastern Mass is fine if it's good enough!

Thanks for any thoughts you care to share

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  1. not exactly what you asked, but you can get great smoked salmon from barney greengrass in nyc; this can be ordered online.

    if anyone thinks that they can do better; i am eager to try it.

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    1. re: cambridgedoctpr

      Thanks! A great back up plan if nothing local pans out.

      1. re: aregularjoe

        I've bought a very good smoked Scottish smoked salmon at Bina, made under Daniel Boulud's name..also mail order from Browne's in Portland.

        Ducktrap from Maine sells smoke Scottish salmon at lots of place..WF, Shaw's, smaller gourmet shops.

        I've bought Acme at Shaw's. They are a large wholesaler and processor in brooklyn that supplies many NY Jewish delis (probably Barney Greengrass)

        These are all generally sold in 1/4-1/2 lb precut packages. BG will cut to order at the store..don't know about their mail order..Unless yo have some knife skills, you probably want to buy presliced.

        I don't mean to be a wise guy, but a better question would be, "where couldn't I find smoked salmon?"..:)

        There's no need to have it shipped to you.

        Where have you looked?

          1. re: Ora Moose

            This looks interesting. Botha hot and cold smoked version. I have hot smoked salmon myself many times.

            You do have to call them though as their shopping cart does not give you the shipping charge.

            1. re: aregularjoe

              Joe give them a call, John will work with you to fill an order so as to minimize the shipping cost per pound. I recommend the cajun salmon sticks - great tailgate or finger food. Beware that this is probably the smokiest smoked salmon you will find around here, and you will taste it ( and smell like it ) for hours after. The cold smoked is somewhat milder and excellent.

          2. re: 9lives

            The Somerville Market Basket had at least two brands of smoked salmon, one of which was Acme. It was about $29/lb, sold in 4oz packages I think.

            It looks like Wegman's slices smoked salmon at the deli and has their own brand of smoked salmon, also for about $28/lb. I've seen it at Costco too, maybe for less than $20/lb. Not sure of the brand/quality though.

            1. re: emannths


              I am trekking out to Wegman's next week and will give their house brand a try. Thanks for the tip!

              1. re: aregularjoe

                It looks like they have two varieties--they say one has milder smoke flavor than the other.

                It also looks like Formaggio Kitchen makes their own (or buys it from a non-factory sort of place), for $40/lb:

                1. re: emannths

                  I couldn't get your link to work but try this one...


                  This happens to be the same Daniel Boulud salmon that I mentioned and is made in Portland by Brownes Trading.


                  Formaggio sells it for a fe $ less than Brownes..and no shipping.

                  1. re: 9lives

                    That's the one I found too. Thnx.

            2. re: 9lives

              9lives, perhaps should re-read my post.?

              The question I asked was where i could find "good" smoked salmon, or a locally made product. I was hoping folks would chime in with a product that transcended the ordinary.

              I have tried countless products available in super markets and find them lacking. and overpriced for the quality.

              Acme was good product years ago, particularly when it was 2 for 1 at stop and shop ( can't beat that value), but has gone seriously down hill ( ragged chopped bits and just does not taste as good). I suspect that ACME sells the good stuff to the delis and the scraps to the supermarkets.

              1. re: aregularjoe

                I read it and we'll have to agree to disagree. I stand by my post. Browne's Boulud line is excellent. Have you tried it?

                I haven't had the Acme from a supermarket in a few years; but it wasn't the product you described...have had it direct from them at a party recently.

                After the Browne's, I put in order of what I think is quality; availability.

                Is it as good as Russ & Daughters (my personal favorite), Zabar's, or BG? Boulud, yes..Ducktrap, no.

                I think the main source of difference here is I generally buy a 1/4 for 2 people. If I were feeding a larger group, I'd probably go wit R & D mail their Gaspe. The min quantity they ship is much more than I normally buy.

                eta..not local but I was just in BWX on Devonshire. They had a Scottish smoked salmon, smoked locally if you lived in Scotland..:) They are a fairly new wine store that is starting a small gourmet section.

                You might also want to call Concord Prime. I haven't had their smoked salmon; but everything they carry is hi quality.

          3. re: cambridgedoctpr

            I have done Barney Greengrass before for my dad on his birthday. They have great food to send.

            1. re: cherrytomato

              We just had breakfast there a couple of weeks ago. It's our "must" breakfast place in NYC! Best smoked fish!!

            2. re: cambridgedoctpr

              This is what is looks Blue Hill Bay smoked salmon looks like (my other posts about it seem to be way lower on the page--not quite sure how Chowhound nests posts....)

            3. Formaggio Kitchen sometimes sells a smoked salmon from Nantucket. (No, that is not the start of a dirty limerick). But I get mine for the hols shipped up from Russ and Daughters in NYC.

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              1. re: Splendid Spatula

                I think you are referring to Nantucket Wild Gourmet and Smokehouse. If so, it is very good. They have a store in Chatham MA. I sometimes see it at Foodies in the South End. They often have a guy selling it (and giving tastes) at the SOWA market on Harrison ave in the South End on Sundays.

              2. Not sure if you want cold smoked or hot smoked (cooked type). The cold smoked is what most places sell and is widely available. It is cured first, then cold smoked. Gravlax is *just* cured, and I think that would be considerably more difficult to find. At least it isn't on my radar. Barry's Deli in Waban carries some very nice smoked salmon, both Nova and Belly, which they cut to order. Not on the artisanal level of Zabar's in terms of the cutting, but still very good. Of course, you can get the packaged stuff at most stores. I sometimes get the TJs wild smoked salmon, which is ok in a pinch, but I find that their's is frequently frozen first, which messes up the texture considerably. For the hot smoked (cooked), I have tried some very nice, very expensive, ones at Marty's in Newton.

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                1. re: Science Chick

                  As I mentioned above, I hot smoke my own.

                  I also make my own gravlox. Its easy to do, as long as you use sashimi quality salmon.

                  Cold smoking is a pain, hence my post.

                  I agree that most of the of the packaged stuff in the markets is awful. Again, hence my post.

                  It is amazing what the average american consumer will accept!

                  1. re: aregularjoe

                    BTW, While i prefer Barney G., Russ and Daughters is also excellent. I doubt that you will find anything that good in Boston.

                    That said, if you want good quality salmon, i recommend going to New Deal seafood. If you want to be extra careful, Sakayana freezes its seafood to kill parasites.

                    1. re: cambridgedoctpr

                      Thanks, I've been buying almost exclusively from Carl for years... And its a 30+ minute drive for me on a good day.

                    2. re: aregularjoe

                      I agree that most of the prepackaged supermarket stuff is dreck. But the Spence & Co. Scottish-style salmon is quite respectable - not their regular "classic" smoked salmon mind you, the Scottish-style, which is smokier and much tastier. Whole Foods is the only vendor in the area where I can reliably find it.

                      1. re: BobB

                        Spence & Co Classic Style was the stuff I saw ar BWX. . that I said was smoked in Scotland. I didn't buy it but when Ms 9 called this PM from WF, I asked her to pick up some of the "Scottish Style," which is now resting in my refrigerator.

                        Looking forward to trying it.

                        1. re: 9lives

                          Thumbs up!

                          Last night, I made little cones and filled them with salmon roe..adding some less sinewy, and better sliced toro made for a great dinner.

                          This AM, on a buttered bagel. I'll use cream cheese if I'm forced to eat an inferior salmon, with a slice of onion and capers; but prefer good Brittany butter with better salmon.shows off the flavor better IMO.

                          Real nice flavor and texture.

                          Thx for the tip.

                        2. re: BobB

                          I agree that Spence & Co Scottish-Style is the best packaged product I have found. The Lobster Place in NYC Chelsea Market(they will ship anywhere) has very good Scottish and Irish cold smoked salmon but it is not consistent. Sometimes the Scottish is the best and other times the Irish, I have had both be exceptional but at worst they are still good. I often order some of each.

                      2. re: Science Chick

                        Totally forgot about Wegman's. I stop there frequently on the way home from work in Worcester. I will try the Wegman's salmon this weekend and report back. They do have some very impressive looking ones in the case...........

                        1. re: Science Chick

                          I'll be trying Wegman's next week as well...

                          1. re: aregularjoe

                            joe, i haven't had it but a CH on the Wegman's thread said they really liked their Norwegian .

                      3. Whole Foods River Street cambridge and at Dedham have an in house smoker and make several flavors of their own smoked salmon. I find the wild smoked salmon consistently tasty. Also they occasionally make the most amazing smoked scallops at the Dedham location...NEVER had anything like them!

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                        1. re: myladyfae

                          I don't know what brand is featured at Rosenfeld Bagels in Newton but it tastes awfully good to me.

                          1. re: suepar

                            In the Wegman's thread which I started awhile ago I reported on the hand-sliced Norwegian style smoked salmon which is excellent, comparable to Zabar's through not as well-sliced. Priced at under $30 per pound it is a good buy. It is the best I have found in Massachusetts, though I have not been to some of the delis mentioned above.

                            Whole Wallet's salmon is hot smoked not cold smoked. It is good, but not what the OP is seeking.

                            1. re: VivreManger

                              Under $30/lb is a good value for quality...and from the posts (never been),I'd bet Wegmans puts out a good product.

                              Good or bad slicing makes a big difference..just think of raw fish..sashimi/sushi.

                              I had some otoro tonight from a fish I caught..beautiful flesh and marbled..could have been better sliced; just wasn't on my game. I'm a B+/A- butcher on whole fish but a weak B-/C+ on slcicing for immediate tonight's sashimi.

                              I remember as a kid watching them slice at Russ & Daughters..fascinated..could watch for hours..surgeons on first sushi chefs..:)

                              Hope the OP finds Wegman's to his standards.

                            2. re: suepar

                              The cooler @ Rosenfeld's, just inside the door to the left has a very impressive selection of salmon, easily 10 varieties from multiple origins.

                              Rosenfeld Bagel Co
                              1280 Centre St, Newton, MA

                            3. re: myladyfae

                              wow, that's the first time i've heard anything about that! i know many locations have their own production kitchens for some things, and others don't and get 'everything' from the WF commissary,but i had no idea any of them smoked their own seafood....

                              1. re: myladyfae

                                Thanks so much for posting about this, myladyfae.

                                I was in the Wellesley WF yesterday and they, too, sell a house smoked salmon for $17.99/lb. (It's at the seafood counter: you order whatever quantity you want and they wrap it on a customer-by-customer basis). I got the maple smoked and the tequila-lime smoked. Both really good - I preferred the maple, my fiance preferred the tequila lime. I could definitely see craving the maple. It's very smoky and not hard/candied at all. I think it might be hot smoked rather than the cold that the OP was looking for, though. Btw, they also had house-smoked Chilean sea bass.

                              2. Are you talking about hot-smoked (Northwest style)? If so, some Whole Foods markets carry a large selection of smoked salmon and other smoked fish.