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Nov 30, 2011 02:36 PM

Where to find quality day-old bread ? Arlington

hi all,

I'm looking for a bakery that sells day-old bread to make bread pudding. I asked the folks at Best Buns in Shirlington but they don't sell day-old.

I'm looking in Arlington.


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  1. Buy some fresh today, make it tomorrow!

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    1. re: drsmoke

      I'm also looking to save a little money. Day-old is usually cheeper.

    2. i think heidelberg bakery sells it.

      1. Probably find some in the dumpster behind a quality bakery. There's a great bakery at the corner of 2nd Street and East Street in Frederick. The other day, I watch a guy pull several racks of bread out of the delivery truck and toss them into the dumpster. It made me sad.

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        1. re: flavrmeistr

          i wonder why they don't give it to a food kitchen or shelter? i know i see shelter pick-ups at my harris teeter -- with a big overflowing cart of just off-date bread and bakery items.

          i just hate to see food go to waste.

          1. re: alkapal

            There might be liability issues. I worked in the gourmet food section of a major dept store years ago and we tossed bags of bread and croissants out each night. I have heard that some sheltters have arrangements but must be legal issues.

        2. another option is the bread outlet between CVS and IHOP at rte. 50 and annandale rd. -- 6655 arlington blvd. is the IHOP.

          they have great deals, and their bread is perfectly fine, in my experience.

          it is the folks who do entemann's. i've bought the sandwich flats, and they are almost 1/6 the price of the same thing in the grocery.