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Nov 30, 2011 02:09 PM

Best place for dinner & drinks Allston

Hounds, I've been a suburbanite too long. Please advise as to your favorite Allston restaurant where alcohol (cocktails) is served. Any kind of food would be great. Thank you for your help/

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  1. go over the boundary line on Commonwealth and a few blocks down Harvard into Brookline. Have great drinks and dinner at Cognac Bistro if you are craving French/Mediterranean. Or settle for excellent ethnic with no drinks at Shanghai Gate, some alcohol at JoJo Taipei, or drinks and some very good Korean/Asian notably bon chon chicken at Bon Chon or Blue Asia.

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    1. re: teezeetoo

      Thank you! Cognac Bistro sounds good!

    2. Many of the best restaurants in Allston don't serve either cocktails or any other alcohol. Deep Ellum is a great bar where you could start with drinks, and move on from there to someplace else for dinner. How fancy/casual a meal are you looking for? (Bearing in mind that Allston's fanciest is not very.)

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        Thank you for answering. Deep Ellum does look like a nice place to start. Yes, I recall that the best places in Allston are the mom & pop ethnic restaurants. Those would be my preference. However, what we are aiming for isn't fancy, but more like a nice bar with food. So, maybe Deep Ellum is our place.

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          There are plenty of bars with food in Allston; the problem is that most of them aren't especially nice. Deep Ellum is an exception! I love the drinks and appetizers there; have had more mixed success with entrees, but I haven't tried again in a very long while so they may well have improved.

          teezeetoo's recommendation of Cognac Bistro, just a block or so over the line into Brookline, is also excellent.

      2. If you're willing to venture as far as Coolidge corner, there's Lineage

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          Thank you for this recommendation as well as the paella tip!

        2. The stockyard rest is not far in north Brighton. Has been here for years and two very nice separate bars. Great steak and very good fish.

          1. I would start with dinner at Carlo's Cucina and then walk the couple of blocks to Deep Ellum for drinks.