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Nov 30, 2011 12:59 PM

D'Angelo Italian Market in Princeton

I would like to hear comments about this Italian market, which is located in downtown Princeton. I had only a few minutes to make a quick tour through the store and while I was very impressed with the selection, I thought prices were high (and in some cases ridiculously so). On the other hand, this is Princeton.....

If you've also been to Dolce & Clemente's in Robbinsville, perhaps you could compare the two. Thanks. I'm closer to Princeton but Robbinsville isn't that much farther.

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  1. For the most part, we like D'Angelo's.

    The pizza's are very good. More on the level of Osteria Procaccini or Nomad versus Conte's and others around. The sandwiches are excellent with our favorite being their "Signature". Their cannoli's are outstanding and addictingly good. Freshly filled when ordered, and available as a mini or full size. I dare you to not finish one on the drive home! : )

    What's not to like... the setup and system for ordering and getting served is convoluted. Have to go to the baked goods counter for pizza, the meat counter for sandwiches and another to pay. Don't ask where to get prepared entrees, my guess is the meat counter but you'd probably get served from the bakery counter.

    Also, the sandwiches are made to order by one of the two meat guys. It takes a while to retrieve and hand slice each component for every sandwich. Don't expect to pop in and run out in 5 mins with a sandwich in hand. More like 10-15.

    They have a nice selection of Italian and European grocery items and a very good selection of cheese. I haven't been to D&C's in Robbinsville, but I would compare D'Angelo's to Bon Appetit in the Princeton Shopping Center for some items (cheese, prepared foods and euro groceries) and Lucy's Ravioli on 206 north of town for other items (prepared foods, pastas, roasted chickens, etc). Price wise they're all in the same $$$ - $$$$ range.

    For us, D'Angelos is an alternative to Olive's for mixing up the lunch routine. Also makes a nice alternative to Bent Spoon for dessert options in town.

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      This is good information; thanks very much. As I mentioned, I spent only a short time in the store and did not realize that you can get pizza, etc. there. I only looked around the grocery, cheese, meat, etc. areas.

      I will definitely go back on my next trip to Princeton.

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        I did stop in only one time a few months ago. Nice store, but the payroll must be huge! So many kitchen people behind the counter! Most of the imported pasta / olive oils were priced a buck or two more than I've seen them elsewhere. Prepared food looked fresh and made there. $9 lb. for sauteed broccoli rabe? But, it's Princeton. Sunday NYTimes real estate section has the neighboring new townhouses listed for 975k (or thereabouts). Perhaps that's their target audience. I did buy some rice balls; saffron, cheese and spinach. A little sampler that was three of each for just under $10. Very good. I did get the hard sell at the register to buy some bread. I will take Foody4's suggestion for some cannoli next time I'm in the area.

    2. I have found the prices for prepared foods and grocery items high. However, the prices for sliced meats were defensible. The bread is pretty good, but Witherspoon bakery is still better. I was disappointed by the cheese -- all precut, prepackaged, and fairly pedestrian selection. The cannolli is good. I have not tried the hot, ready-to-eat foods, but they look moderately appealing.

      Personally, I think this is much better than Olives, but not as good as D&C in Robbinsville.

      1. I am a little obsessed with D'Angelo Italian Market! I go there all the time - because they have such variety, every time I get something different.
        Recently I tried an AMAZING pizza, with goat cheese infused with basil and mint and topped with slices of zucchini. This pizza was perfection. And the crust! Oh my! For me, pizza crust can be a dealbreaker, but D'Angelo's got it right. Thin, not too crunchy, not too doughy, with that just-out-of-the-brick-oven taste. & it's amazing how creative they are with their pizza's - all sorts of seasonal specialties made with whatever produce is in season.
        I've also tried their salads. They have delicious, light summer salads.

        The honey mustard chicken is my favorite. "Honey mustard chicken at an Italian place? How good can that be?" you may be thinking. Surprisingly, it is phenomonal! I asked about it and was told it's a secret family recipe.
        I would say the prices are average for Princeton. And on some items, you can get a pretty good deal.

        I happened to take a photo last time I was there...