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Nov 30, 2011 12:42 PM

Are you a Label snob when it comes to cookware??

Are you the kind that buys only Williams Sonoma bakeware or cookware? or even small gadgets from brand names only? Do you only want a Le Creueset french oven instead of the "lookalike" at Costco? Or do you prefer KitchenAid/Cuisinart to Black and decker? Do your friends/famiyl think your a kitchen/cookware snob because you only want the best of the best? Do you think that a wal-mart baking dish or no-name cookie tray is reasonable or MUST you get the Martha Stewart baking trays? Just curious how people are on this board if theyre similar to the fashionista's and Christian Louboutin/Louis Vuitton lovers only foodie versions.

I myself like to buy high-end..if i can..not to say i wont buy a baking dish from walmart or loblaws but right now im eyeing a bundt pan and cant take my mind off the williams sonoma heritage swirly one!! Its soo beautiful but its 2x the price of a regular bundt pan. I think its worth the splurge!

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  1. Way back when virtually no one in North America had heard of induction, I started buying All-Clad Stainless because I wanted to eventually use induction and didn't want to season cast iron and carbon steel. It was one of the few induction-ready lines available that I could actually see and feel.

    Nowadays, I want to buy something that suits my needs and is 1) well-made enough that I will not have to buy it again and 2) is not Made in China. Demeyere and Kuhn Rikon? Sure - if they're the best at suiting the need. Vollrath? Also in there. EmerilWare? MiC.

    I don't have a bundt pan fetish so I'm not quite understanding the lust for the swirly.

    1. Pretty buy anything I will need. Anything which I see as reasonably made is good for me. I tend to shop at restaurant supply stores, and even Walmart. Williams Sonoma is not really for me. I do get Chicago Metallic and Calphlon bakeware, but nothing as expensive as the Williams Sonoma ones. I want cookware good enough to match my cooking skill, but nothing above that.

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      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

        I take it your a knife cook not a pot cook. ;-))

        Like me any decent pot or pan will do. Knives on the other hand......

        1. re: scubadoo97

          :) Actually I am not that picky about knives either. Any knife of Tojiro DP or Chinese CCK level makes me happy.

          However, you are correct. I am more of a knife cook than a pot cook. I think that if I am to cook at most of my friends' homes, I will be more bothered by their knives than their pots. :D

      2. I've never liked Williams-Sonoma and don't understand their appeal. I've always preferred Sur le Table, but I started shopping there many years ago in Seattle. Now, it seems, they have become more like W-S, i.e. precious.

        Anyway, in neither case are these manufacturers of anything. The products bearing their name are manufactured for them, so it's hard to tell what you are getting.

        I do prefer well-established brands of high-end products when it matters. Sometimes it does, sometimes not. I love the few carefully-selected pieces of All-clad I have, for example, but I'm not about to go buy their version of everything just to have a matched set.

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        1. re: GH1618

          i agree! i don't like W-S and prefer Sur le Table, which I found, I could get some things cheaper than Target even. I'm not a label snob tho sometimes I rely on labels except when I'm lazy and if the brand has been consistently reliable. I consider W-S a tax on the rich, where in recent years they started selling stuff you can find from restaurant supply stores at a remarkable mark-up.

        2. I'm definitely a label snob, but I also buy nearly everything from thrift stores. So it's more about collecting over time than just going out and buying what I'd like or what I want. So, to answer the question correctly I'm a label snob, but the actual hunt is nearly as important as the find itself.

          1. I don't think I'm a label snob, but more of a country-of-origin snob. I'll always pick that unknown ceramic baker that's made in Italy/Portugual/France instead of any Le Creuset stoneware which are made in either Thailand or China the last time I checked.

            Priced right as well.

            People have reported that some of the dutch ovens sold in Costco are actually made in France. I don't mind taking a closer look at them if I need another one.

            I don't have to buy from WS, but I have access to a WS outlet, what can I do? LOL. Even when I'm shopping inside the store, I reject pretty much everything that's not made in EU/US. That set of All-Clad measuring cups doesn't do anything to me.