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Nov 30, 2011 12:31 PM

26th Birthday dinner celebrations (group of 10)

So after struggling to find a place to reserve for 10 for my bday... (litteralyl tried every where...nota bene....buca...enoteca sociale....sotto sotto... ) we finally got a reservation! Cava is willign to accomodate our group size so last mintue (its next friday) but im a little nervous becaus eof th emixed reviews. They were at the food truck thign at nuit blanche and we LOVED their paella and pumpkin dessert thingy. TorontoLife also gave em 3 1/2 stars which is pretty awesome however some people say they dont leave full....which is nto a good thing.

They will be doing a chef's menu for the table (55.00 per person) - has anyoen done this? their experience? were you full by the end? was the food exciting and different? Ive only done Tapas ONCE before..years ago at Embrujo and i thoguht it was one of the worst food experiences ever (up there with Sultans tent!)


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  1. Don't compare the food you had at Embrujo with what you will have at Cava. They shouldn't even be in the same sentence :-)

    I haven't done the chef's table but when I go with the BF we tend to spend around $130 for food and drinks and we've never left hungry. I'm not a huge eater but the BF makes up for that for sure. I hope they give you the ceviche as part of your menu.

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      Thanks Jennabean! Im really holding high hopes for this place as the group im goign with is also particular about food (quality and quantitiy). I love ceviche (its my national dish!)- the only kind ive ever had is peruvian though so itll be interestign to try something new.