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Nov 30, 2011 12:27 PM

I am a lucky girl..

Just wanted to brag... my boyfriend made us a wonderful dinner last night (hes a foodie too but i do most of the cooking)

He grileld some strip loins, and made the Drake Hotel's signature 4-cheese macaroni and cheese with black truffled added in (real truffles not oil!) served with a cesar salad an dpaired with my favorite red wine right now (louis m. martini cab sauv NZ). OMGOD i was drooling from the smells comming out of our tiny kitchen!!! <3 The way to my heart is really through my stomach!

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  1. I really believe cooking a good meal is one of the kindest most loving things you can do for someone.

    He sounds like a keeper!

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      That was one of the sweetest most genuine things ive ever heard!!! :D He most definately is a keeper.