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Nov 30, 2011 12:15 PM

Quick question, grocery stores

Staying at Wyndham Avenue Plaza on the St. Charles streetcar line here in a couple of weeks. Want to have some eats in the room. No ability to cook, simply to reheat in the microwave, & to have refrigerated. Question: nearest grocery store, specialty store, super market? Anything within walking distance? Can be big or small - just looking to pickup a few new orleans-esque items to nosh on at nights/mornings when not dining out - will be in town for a couple of weeks. Also, any specific items at said markets that would be good to pickup, ie deli salads, pre-packaged items, etc? Thanks for the help, again.

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  1. It's not walking distance, but you're not too far from the new Rouses Market in the CBD near the superdome. There's also a Super Walmart in the area.

    1. There's a little grocery store called Williams Supermarket right near the Wyndham at the corner of Jackson and St. Charles. It has basic grocery items and I think poboys, at least at lunchtime. Then the Rouses mentioned about is going to be your next best bet. It's easily accessible by streetcar (1 block off the line) and is open early and late.

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        thanks so much for the info - i believe there is a street car stop directly outside the hotel, specifically, how would i get to the new Rouse's?

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          Get on the streetcar at the stop outside your hotel, heading towards downtown (the tracks further away from your hotel). Ask the driver to let you off near the new Rouses, or at the stop at Girod and Carondelet. If you happen to miss it you can easily walk back, the next stop is only two blocks away. You'll get the hang of it quickly.

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          disregard my previous question - too lazy to google map? doesn't deserve a response

        3. Stein's Deli is a very easy walk from there, as is Cochon Butcher. Both places will set you up with no-cook ingredients. I'd also consider the Breaux Mart walkable (or a cheap cab ride) ... they have a wide selection of reasonably priced beer.

          Slightly off topic ... Do try the Avenue Pub (just down the street on St. Charles). Dumptruck fries and a couple of pints of Belgian make for a fine meal.

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            thanks montuori - great to get a suggestion of something i've never heard of (breaux mart, not steins) - also thanks for the heads up on the avenue pub - sounds like a good way to spend an afternoon