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Nov 30, 2011 11:55 AM


I love kimchi during the period of fermentation where it is bubbly...your mouth is full of effervesence. Is this possible with a commercial kimchi like the cosmos brand from costco? How long does this period last?

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  1. I've made kimchi in the past and also have eaten commercial kimchi, but never had the experience that you have. Have you accessed the Cosmos Foods website? You may get a clue from what the information on the website.

    1. OK as an aside, I was on a training course that had International students, and our Korean student for some reason would answer "Kimchi" to almost every question. I have no idea why. This led to the impression that his name WAS Kimchi. I had to intervene on several times to tell the North American students that his name wasn't Mr. Kimchi, that Kimchi was a national food made of fermented cabbage...LOLOLOL it was SO like Arrested Development it was scary....

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        freia, made my day....I am really laughing.

      2. The effervescence you enjoy is a characteristic of mature, aged kimchi. My storebought kimchi continues to age on the bottom shelf of my refrigerator and depending on how fresh it was in the store can reach that bubbly stage within a couple weeks. It's enjoyable for a while, but too much longer after that, it goes straight into jjigae.

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          Ugh - I always associate that effervescence with spoilage rather than maturity. If I haven't consumed my commercially-bought Kimchi by the time that happens, into the trash it goes.

          1. re: Breezychow

            I'm with you! Can't handle that fizz. We eat about 5 gallons a year, make it myself.

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            from my personal experience I've only noticed this sensation 1-2 weeks after bottling. It goes away with age...after the 3-4 week. Maybe I'm wrong?

            1. re: kriminalrat

              I made a batch of kimchi a week and a half ago. I left it at room temperature for 36 hours. It had soured sufficiently, so I refrigerated it. It now has the fizzy taste, which I like.

          3. The original comment has been removed