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Nov 30, 2011 11:47 AM

Smashburger: America's Most Promising Company

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  1. A Smashburger just opened 100 feet from my apartment. The food is terrible and it makes my whole area smell like crap on a windy day. This place cannot go under fast enough.

    1. I typically don't eat fast food more than once or twice a year, but purchased a Groupon for Smashburger when I found they have onion straws...something we don't have in Boise ID. I thought the onion straws were pretty good and the burgers acceptable for fast food. I miss the midwest with so many excellent places for burgers...

      1. They've just entered our market. Better than some, worse than the best non-franchise places. I agree, fries and o-rings are better than burgers.

        Why is it that these places (the 5 Guys and their ilk) can either do a decent burger with poor fries or excellent fries but a snoozer of a burger, but seem never to excel at both?

        1. I tried Smashburger for the first time last night. Theyare also a recent market entry in my area. I signed up for the Smashburger club online, and received a coupon the next day for buy one entree, get one free. Had the bbq bacon cheddar burger with a side of onion straws. My friend had a sign of french fries. Burger was good. Liked the bun quite a bit. Onion straws were WAY too salty. Fries were average fries. Two burgers, two sides, a beer and an Iced tea for a little over $13.