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Where to find authentic Spanish chorizo?

Need Spanish chorizo for a recent Splendid Table recipe (Roasted Cod with Chorizo Vinaigrette). Any ideas where I might get this in LA. (I live mid-Wilshire but willing to travel to get authentic ingredients.)

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  1. Found it at Surfas. (Should've checked there before posting.)

        1. For quick and easy... surfas... for more choice and cheaper, La Espanola Imports in San Pedro on weekends...


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            2nd that... only La Espanola is in Harbor City.


            And, while you're picking up some authentic spanish chorizo, you can also drop $1425 on a bone-in acorn fed jamon iberico!

          2. About the only thing I buy at Monsieur Marcel's is the Palacios brand, primarily for making paella. The non-spicy one is wonderfully smoky and aromatic... not necessarily the most traditional sausage for paella but it imparts a flavor that I really miss when it's not there.

            Mr Taster

            1. And "Spain" restaurant just north of Echo Park.

              1. And at least at one place inside the Grand Central Market downtown. I don't know the name but itt's a stall which sells mostly spices and dried items and is located against the south wall of the market.

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                  Is that Spanish chorizo, though, or Mexican? They're different sausages.

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                    Spanish for sure. I'm well aware of the difference. Mexican chorizo is sold everywhere.

                2. Believe it or not I bought a delicious one @ Cost Plus World Market. I used it in my Thanksgiving stuffing---not super spicy but so nicely seasoned.

                  1. You need to go to La Espanola and determine which kind you need for your recipe. Although Surfas, Whole Foods, and many places carry authentic Spanish chorizo, you may need a cooking type chorizo like Cantipalitos or Bilbao. Most of those I've seen at these other places are the non-cooking types. Yes, there are as many types of chorizo as there are cheese. Perhaps if you describe your recipe, we can help you determine the type needed.

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                      The two I see most are the "Dona Juana" and "Palacios" brands. I believe that La Espanola makes the "Dona Juana" brand. Not sure what you mean by certain popular chorizo types not suited for cooking, but then again I'm no Spanish food expert.


                      A lady at La Espanola once recommended a specific type of Dona Juana brand chorizo which is meant to be used in paella, but quite honestly I found the Palacios (mild) much more to my liking. Palacios has a deep, smoky richness to it that was lacking in the Dona Juana variety that I tried. (I cook the diced chorizo first, which releases fragrant smoky oil into the pot, so when Valencia rice is toasted in it the flavor is infused throughout the dish).

                      Mr Taster

                    2. I don't know if you CAN - legally any way - get authentic Spanich chorizo in the United States since they are not made in an FDA-approved way (typically having to do with them not being brought up to a certain temperature). Not that you couldn't find very delicious Spanish or Portugese meats. My wife and I came back from Spain and the border guys confiscated our chorizo and other meat goodies in D.C.

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                        Palacios is made at an inspected facility and is in fact from La Rioja. But if you tried to bring the same sausage in yourself, it would be confiscated. Odd the way that works.

                      2. you may want to try this awesome farmers market vendor. don't recall the name, but he has a big sign that says spain. he's at the atwater farmers market on sundays & the silverlake one on sundays. he's got tons of imports from spain. try the cheeses too! just edited to say that i've seen that he actually has chorizo and other meats.

                        1. I highly recommend Cristina's from Spain: www.cristinasfromspain.com
                          They have great cheeses, chorizo, cured olives, tortilla and more. Anthony Testa goes to some Farmer's Markets, as well: Sunday's at the Atwater Village market.

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                            this is exactly what i was talking about. this vendor rules.