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Nov 30, 2011 11:05 AM

Kitchenaid 13 cup food processor

Hello all

Wondering if anyone has the latest Kitchenaid 13 cup food processor, and what your opinion might be?


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  1. It's a piece of crap. Model KFP1333. Bought one at Macy's....the thin red seal/rubber gasket at the inside top of the cover began to fray ever so took a feat of strength to open or close the lid....I could only twist the cover on or off by leveraging and pushing on the handle on the base...with the amount of force needed I can imagine it's only a short time before I would damage (break off?) the handle on the bowl.

    When I would finally get the cover on, the FP often wouldn't start because I was a fraction of an inch off alighting the cover with the bowl...and no amount of strength could align them.

    Then I got another one...this one, the cover turned easily enough....but twisting the bowl to unlock (to remove) and lock was another tug of war. No patience or strength for it. Back it went. I admit it had some really nice features--I especially liked the sizes of the 3 feed tubes, the low and high speeds, the external adjustment for slicing thickness...but I just couldn't use the damned machine.

    Bought Cuisinart 14 cup model an incredible deal....cover goes on and off easily...bowl comes on and off easily...!

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      Thanks BFcook. after reading a lot of not so great consumer ratings for the KA, I ended up purchasing the 16 cup Cuisinart Elite from W & S. It's a great machine but I regret not buying the 14 cup instead. Seems the 16 cup is exclusive to W & S, and if by chance (god forbid) my machine breaks down and I need a part, they're far and few between, if at all available, for the 16 cup.

      1. re: Joyfull

        I actually hadn't read any bad ratings for the KA (well, maybe a couple....but I had also read a few not great ratings about the Cuisinart). Do you recall where you saw them? Kind of curious what they said.

        WS is pretty good about taking things back...I guess you could always bring what you bought back and say it's just too big

        1. re: BFcook

          Costco is now selling the the 12-cup version of the Cuisinart. I've had the 14-cup Cuisinart for over a year and love it.

          1. re: ferret

            Costco has been selling the 12 cup Cuisinart Elie for quite a while's in silver only...the regular price is $149....last month they had it for $119 ($30 in store coupon)...the item number is unique to Costco, but it's the same exact item as Cuisinart FP-12DC