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Nov 30, 2011 10:57 AM

Budget vacation in Montreal over the Christmas weekend

Hey all,

Driving up to Montreal from NYC on Saturday, Dec. 24th. Looking to spend no more than $300 per person on all our activities over the weekend, so was wondering what you Quebecois hounders had to say about cheap eats. I'd love some Montreal-specific stuff that shouldn't be missed, along with some general foods that might be a little off the radar. So where to go for smoked meat, bagels, and poutine would be awesome, but if you know a place that has, for instance, a great baba ghanoush or double-cut pork chop, by all means throw it in.

I'm going with my girlfriend, so we could probably use a recommendation for a nice-ish dinner (probably nothing above $40 US per person, without drinks). ANNNND it'll be Christmas, so if you know of anything going on regarding that, awesome! It's my first Christmas away from home, so anything festive would be much appreciated. Bonus points if that nice-ish dinner can be part of that.

Thanks ahead of time for all the help, guys!

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  1. We have awesome cheap eats in Montreal so you won't have any trouble in that department. Here are a few threads that are a good starting point:

    Top Cheap Eats of Montreal?

    Quintessential Montreal

    Best $10

    Montrea Locals - What do you consider the best small hole in the wall resto?

    Updated info sought: Best Poutine in Montreal?

    The best place for smoked meat

    For your splurge meal, there are tons of threads to look through, though many places will be closed Dec. 24 & 25 so you'll need to call first to confirm.

    Carswell's classic compendium of mid- to high-end restaurants is always a good place to start though you'll probably need to rule out the high-end places to stick within your budget.

    Mid-range to high-end Montreal restos: personal reccos

    Have a fabulous trip and if there's anything more specific you're looking for, let us know and we'll try to help!

    1. On the 24, most restaurants will only open at lunch (if they normally open at lunch)
      On the 25, most places will be closed.

      Your best be would be to check the better hotel restaurants (Beaver Club, Aix, ... ) they are pretty much open everyday including "special" brunch on Christmas morning; but it will probably bust your budget.

      Other classic is to do chinese food (see other thread about the jewish chinese christmas)

      Bagels places will be open (Fairmount or St-Viateur) for you to "take-out" bagels, cream cheese and smoked salmon... but they don't have seating, so you'll have to bring them back to your hotel room.

      For Poutine: "La Banquise" should be open (I think it's open 7/7/365)


      1. Montreal-ish?
        Howsabout brasserie style pig knuckles (actually a pork hock)? Cheap goodness as discussed here
        as Maximilien points out, it IS Christmas and many places close - best to call ahead.

        1. Montreal is too quiet then as most people will be home or doing last minute shopping You might want to go to Old Montreal for old market/christmas extravaganza, believe it closes at 9pm on 24th




          there will be some gourmet treats from alsace region, some grogg, maple syrup cotton candy; last year they had fires in big cans where you could roast sausages or marshmallows

          Stashs (Polish) in old montreal is not too expensive, nor is brit n chips on western border, and for light breakfast or lunch of soup, sandwhich this pastry place has nice atmosphere but closed on sundays