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Nov 30, 2011 09:45 AM

Best whisky to bring as a gift to a friend in Paris?

I'm from Canada and am already planning to bring a bottle of ice wine as a gift for a friend in Paris when I go next year. But I heard that whisky is extremely popular in France and wanted to bring over a bottle or two as well since I can get it pretty cheap here through a friend.

If it makes any difference, he's a 26 year old male and generally likes to toss back wine and beer with the occasional mixed whisky with friends.

Originally I was planning on buying a bottle of Crown Royal since it's a popular Canadian brand that he might not have tried before and would therefore find interesting. But I read somewhere that Jack Daniels is very popular and very expensive in France so I was wondering if that might be a better choice even though it's American. On the other hand, Scotch whiskeys are supposed to be in even higher demand there so the whole thing just opened up and I'm pretty much lost now lol.

Price range is up to $80 so I think I should have some degree of leeway. Does anyone have any recommendations if i should go Canadian, Jacks or some other type of Scotch whiskey that might be rare or even not available in France?


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  1. Not everyone likes Jack. It has a rough quality to it -- sort of like the whiskey you want to drink when you need to steel yourself for some bad news. Crown is much smoother and seems to be favored at my parties by all but the die hard Jack drinkers.

    IMO, you can't go wrong with Crown, but they may not like Jack Daniels. That said, I like it, but it really has a strong flavor compared to Crown.

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      >the whiskey you want to drink when you need to steel yourself for some bad news.

      Like if your truck needs a new tranny or Momma's in jail again, that sort of thing. You know, the usual.

    2. IMO Blanton's is the best American whiskey. CR and JD are just ordinary stuff. Sazerac rye is also special and unique. There is lots of good Scott's whiskey available in France so I would suggest something from the US or Canada

      1. You can buy Crown Royal and Jack Daniels in larger grocery stores here -- stick with something unique to Canada.

        1. As Sunshine said, buy something unique to Canada that may not be exported. Just back from Dublin and bought an Irish Whiskey for a friend that has never been seen out of Ireland. The receiver of the gift may then research it and see the rareness of the gift and hopefully appreciate it more. If l bring something from the states l bring Pappy Van Winkle bourbon ,as difficult to get in states and impossible to get anywhere else.

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            In Juveniles last night. They had Pappy Van Winkle by the glass. Go figure.

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              another thought to add to the mix would be Welsh Whiskey - I believe there are two brands available in Canada - I prefer Prince of Wales
              - had a bottle hand carried from London a few years ago much to everyone's delight - it is based on mead so it is really something else

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                And Julhes actualiy has a very impressive whisky collection And whisky club.

            2. For $80 you should be able to get a fifth of bourbon - I recommend Makers Mark or Woodford Reserve - and a fifth of good Canadian