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Nov 30, 2011 09:38 AM

Kosher food truck in Miami

I just came across Moty's Grill in North Miami last nite. The owner is a Israeli-Colombian couple. He was a chef with the IDF and has been in the food business since. The food was delicious. What is the catch? The certification is limited to us (you and I) trusting them. As it is, it has no certification. They told me, and I believe, the truck and the food would meet all standards, except... Yes you guessed it, it is not shomer Shabbat. It is good enogh for me and for hordes of Israelis and other Jews ordering last nite. It left me wondering, how did people eat out before this alphabet soup of acronyms was created... Ou, orb, triangle k, rectangle k, circle k, pentagon k, etc k. If you trust Moty, give the food a try. You will have good food and help a fellow. Check it out

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  1. They didn't, eat out that is. Go back a century and except in the largest communities like Lodz or Warsaw, even business travelers got home hospitality. They usually paid in some manner, often by reciprocity.

    Kashruth standards were a matter of living in bounded communities where everyone knew everybody's business. It had both upsides and downsides.

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      Home hospitality still depends on a level of trust. Sure, sometimes you stayed with family but often it would be with strangers or distant acquaintances. You trusted the community. You looked for cues. Did they cover their head? Were they shabbos observant? Did they attend synagogue?

      BTW, the url is

    2. I do think this is a wonderful trend. Miami, the 6th & Rye truck in D.C. Hope more cities get kosher food trucks.

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        Is the food truck in the Diamond district, at 47th and 6th still there? It doesn't move around or tweet, like 6th and Rye does, and I'm not often there at lunch hour, but it is the only food truck I've ever got lunch from, and it's a fun thing!

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          There used to be a falafel truck that moved around. There's a thread on here about it. It was on 57th and 7th for awhile. Then in Union sq.

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            There was another falafel and belgian waffle truck that used to alternate between B&H and the financial district.

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              Well, I hope Manhattan gets an interesting truck this spring. If it does, I'll hunt it down. I think they're fun.

              Before the weather got cold, there was a Screme truck (trailer?) stationed in the little plaza by the subway exit at 72nd and Broadway. Hope it's back next season.

      2. I recall seeing a cholent truck from Monsey near B and H last year.