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Nov 30, 2011 09:29 AM

Rec. for after-proposal - Christmas Day

So guys, I've been lurking around here for a while and I can see there are always great people willing to help those in need... well I'm in need now =)

Here is the deal: we are a young brazillian couple (mid-20s) and we've been together for 9 years. We are going to NYC in the holiday season - christmas and new year's - and I am going to propose to her on this trip. I'm planning to do it on the 25th of December, on the Bow Bridge.

I would like to take her on a really romantic lunch afterwards. I'm lost as to where we can go. I need a very romantic place that will be open on Christmas day and not too far away from Central Park - dont want to spoil the moment by spending too much time sitting in a taxi.

Have considered the Loeb/Central Park Boathouse, not sure if it would be the best place though...

So, any thoughts or ideas??

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  1. One of your issues is that in addition to it being a holiday, it is also a Sunday. Traditionally many of the upscale restaurants are closed Sundays or don't serve lunch on Sundays.

    Maybe the Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges?

    1. A few avenues from Central Park but Park Avenue Winter could be nice as well.

      Park Avenue Cafe
      100 E 63rd St, New York, NY 10021

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        1. The Boathouse is not so good and might not be open. Many places are open for Christmas lunch, check on open table. The list of places open will turn up there.

          Bow Bridge is closest to the Central Park West 72nd St entrance so I'd look at
          Jean Georges
          Per Se

          Per Se
          10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019

          Jean Georges
          1 Central Park W, New York, NY 10023

          72 W. 69th Street, New York, NY 10023

          35 West 64th St., New York, NY 10023

          103 West 77th Street, New York, NY 10024

          Central Park Boathouse
          Central Park East Drive E 72nd St, New York, NY 10021

          142 W 65th St, New York, NY 10023

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          1. re: dyrewolf

            Picholine says they will be closed Christmas Day.

            Telepan will also be closed (confirmed via phone).

            Dovetail is closed (confirmed via phone).

            Lincoln is closed per their web site. Click on Hours.

            Jean Georges formal dining room is closed Sundays, regardless of holiday. Nougatine at Jean Georges will be open according to OpenTable.

            Per Se will also be closed for the holidays (12/24-12/26), per their web site. Click on Reservations.

            1. re: kathryn

              BLT Market is showing open on Opentable

              Most of the hotels in Midtown will have open restaurants

              BLT Market
              1430 6th Ave, New York, NY 10019

              1. re: dyrewolf

                dyrewolf and kathryn, ukitali too, thank you very much for helping.
                Wow, it seems like it'll be a fix to find a nice place near there which will be open on the 25th. Do you think it'll be easier to find one a little bit further away? We can actually go anywhere in Manhattan for this, I dont believe it would be so bad.
                Thanks again, you guys are great.

                1. re: Lavistyksia

                  Romantic, Sunday lunch, on a holiday is difficult. Romantic weekday lunch is always easier since so many upscale restaurants don't serve lunch on weekends.

                  But for 12/25, at 12pm, a quick check of OpenTable reveals that Maialino will be open, as well as Tocqueville.

                  1 East 15th Street, New York, NY 10003

                  2 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10010

                  1. re: kathryn

                    Grab one of these reservations NOW.

                    1. re: kathryn

                      I would totally do Tocqueville.

                    2. re: Lavistyksia

                      Hotels might be your best bet. The Carlyle is super and is the Pierre. I think the Oak Room is still closed at the Plaza unfortunately. There's also the Waldorf Astoria.

                      1. re: bronwen

                        Thanks for the idea, I'll look into that.

                        1. re: Lavistyksia

                          Btw guys, I did reserve Tocqueville for 12:00 pm. If we get any other ideas I'll just cancel that. Looks like a very nice place.

                          1. re: Lavistyksia

                            I had noticed that Tocqueville will be open on Christmas Day, which actually surprised me since they are normally closed on Sundays. I didn't suggest it because you said you prefer to be close to Central Park. However, now that you've changed your mind, I think Tocqueville, which is one of our favorite restaurants, is absolutely perfect for this occasion. The food is delicious, there's a very good wine list, service is friendly and attentive, and the elegant dining room is one of the most beautiful in the city. Be sure to let them know that you are going there post-proposal as they like to be aware of such things.

                            Tocqueville photos:


              2. Some things showing as available on that are not too far and are nice.

                Gari (high end sushi... nice but not really so romantic)
                The Mark

                A little farther away - Perry Street (it's a nice space right on the Hudson River in the West Village)

                Or you could be real NYers and go to the movies and eat Chinese that day....

                Perry Street
                176 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014

                80 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10023

                370 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10024

                141 W 69th St, New York, NY 10023

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                1. re: dyrewolf

                  I will look into your recommendations. How do you and kathryn feel about Park Avenue Winter? I've seen their website, it looks like an amazing place...

                  Movies + Chinese, well, we can do that on most of the other 12 days we'll be there haha! By the way, any other small places to go/eat - some non-tourist places that only mostly new yorkers know about? I like getting to know these kinds of joints.

                  Thanks again guys.

                  1. re: Lavistyksia

                    Park Ave. Winter is a great place and I have been there a few times. Daniel is on E 65th street and it amazing. You might want to go have a glass of Champagne at the Carlyle Hotel

                    1. re: taboo

                      Daniel doesn't serve lunch and is normally closed Sundays anyway.

                    2. re: Lavistyksia

                      I don't know Park Ave Winter so others can comment. Personally, I would not choose Asiate as that is sorta touristy. Gastroarte is intimate and relatively close, definitely walkable from Bow Bridge. Perry St is beautiful but might be sorta empty and potentially feel cold on X-mas day

                      As to the local places you're after.... read the board a bit and you'll get quite a lot and then post more specific questions. Where are you staying? Can def give good places near a location... difficulty in NY is that there are so many places it is hard to recommend without some parameters

                      1. re: Lavistyksia

                        For other places to go eat, it might be better if you started a new topic with your cuisine preferences, neighborhood preferences, and cost parameters, with a cost per person for food only (excluding tax, tip, wine/drinks).

                        1. re: kathryn

                          You're right, I'll start a new topic later. Replying to dyrewolf, we're staying at the Library Hotel, which is on 299 Madison at 41st (really close to Bryant Park)


                          1. re: Lavistyksia

                            Madison and 41st is not really a good location for "local's picks" but a lot of good stuff is a short walk (you're in your 20's right... walking is doable) it is 20 street blocks to the mile or 12 street blocks to the kilometer, 7 avenue blocks to the mile, 4aves to the kM.
                            there are a lot of good places down in the 20's and teens, in the 40's and 50's on 9th and 10th ave.

                            The Library is supposed to be quite nice. Ages ago I used to hit the bar at the Morgan Court hotel, the basement Morgan Bar and it was quite cool... it has been ages since I've been but it might still be good. I'm sure others will chime in with more up to date info.

                            Also Sarge's Deli is on 3rd Ave at 36th St... it is extremely romantic and a great place for newly afianced couple to go (OK, not really... it is more of a cafeteria almost but you must go there once for breakfast and once for lunch to experience huge omelets and pastrami sandwiches. It is a board favorite deli and in fact a good place to get a breakfast before heading out for a day of NY sightseeing... no need to make all meals fancy and expensive

                            Sarge's Delicatessen
                            548 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016

                      2. re: dyrewolf

                        The OP sounds taken care of at this point, so I just have to say Perry Street really doesn't fit the obvious choice for a post-engagement, romantic lunch requirement. It's in a remote location, in new construction, overlooking expressway traffic, with generic modern furnishings, designed to wheel in and out in a day.

                        I know part of the reason it came up is due to the Christmas day limitation, but if anyone is googling for a similar request, I thought this disclaimer was important.