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Nov 30, 2011 09:25 AM

Does anyone still eat rice cakes?

And, if so, why?

Just curious, not meant to be derogatory or anything.

But I remember about 15 or so years ago when they were all the rage amongst dieters because they were supposedly low in calories. and low or fat free.

But nowadays with the rage being low carb, high protein, are rice cakes still popular?

And even if you aren't dieting, are rice cakes tasty enough to stand on its own merits?

Well, let's see.

Taste. Sure, I think some of those flavored ones like bbq or sea salt might be a decent facsimile of potato chips, but after a few discs can you really ignore that faux Styrofoam mouthfeel?

Texture. Styrofoam. 'Nuff said.

Nutrition. Major fail. Hopefully we've all moved beyond the point where empty calories can somehow be justified simply because those calories are "fat free".

Convenience. Yeah, I suppose they are convenient ... as coasters.

Which brings me back to my original question ... does anyone still eat rice cakes? And, if so, why?

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  1. Yes, sometimes, it's a phase thing; I buy a couple of bags and snack on them during the day.

    I like the lightly salted ones; all other are overly flavoured (cheddar, popcorn, ... ) .


    1. Yup. My family likes them. We get the smaller ones, chip-sized, which I think are much less styrafoamy than the larger, thicker ones that I remember my mother buying years ago (and sitting in the cabinet, uneaten). The cheddar cheese, chocolate, and salt & cracked pepper are favorites. It works as a snack for my kids, particularly one of whom has recently developed food allergies & is finding her snack choices dwindling. They also are great when I want a small handful of something salty. We don't look at them as health foods, just an alternative snack.

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        + 1 on everything you said, elfcook. I don't look at them as a healthy snack, but more as a not-so-unhealthy snack. I buy the mini-cheddar ones mostly and on some days will put a few in my daughter's lunch bag. She likes them, so why not. It's another thing to keep in the rotation of snacks. And sometimes I buy the caramel or chocolate ones for a "dessert".

        1. re: elfcook

          Another +1 too.

          It makes a huge difference whether they are the smaller, thinner ones that stay crispy and tasty, or the big, fat, styrofoamy ones that are soggy right off the bat even when the packaging was opened. In fact, there is still a big bag of that sitting around here that I don't know what to do with.

          We go through the good ones quickly in our household, and I also see it as an alternative to saltine crackers and other salty snacks that is not laden with so many chemicals, for kids and adults alike.

        2. i just had some rice cakes yesterday actually. some of the flavored ones are really good. ill normally top them with some cheese and pop them under the broiler, or smear some peanut butter and honey on top. mmmm

          1. I like them and buy them. Low carbs? That's so over. Well, it was never in with me anyway.

            "Nutrition. Major fail. Hopefully we've all moved beyond the point where empty calories can somehow be justified simply because those calories are "fat free"."

            Guess I'm slow then. I haven't moved beyond that point.

            1. Your right, I remember when they were the thing to eat if you were dieting. My mom would buy them, but I don't remember actually seeing her eat them. I enjoy the texture, but I can't eat the plain ones without a topping. As a teenager I loved them with some cream cheese topped with a sliced of ham. In college I bought the caramel ones and the bite sized flavor ones to snack on. I haven't bought them in years. Probably better than my current snacking by eating sleeves of saltines or bags of pretzels. Thanks for reminding me.