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Nov 30, 2011 08:42 AM


I just made a reservation at Arpege through the phone. What surprised me was the fact that they asked me for my credit card number as their 'guarantee' in case I don't show up. Maybe it's just me, but I have never had a restaurant ask for my credit card number prior to my visit. At least they don't do that here in Tokyo, which is where I currently live. They also didn't ask for my cellphone number nor the hotel I will be staying at. The only information they have at hand is my credit card number along with my reservations dates and details.

Is this normal? Please share your thoughts, thanks!

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  1. It's normal. Most high end places req a CC#. Dbl check their cancellation policies - alot of places will charge your card for no show or if you don't cancel within the timeframe they require.

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      Try that to a US card and the restaurant will be on the losing end of a disputed charge.

    2. It's normal in the sens that Arpège always does it (and Hélène Darroze too).

      It's not in the sense that no one else does it, and it is quite rude by French standards. All the more annoying from people who charge you that much for a meal (and at the same time all the more logic since the opportunity cost of a no-show is all the higher).

      I like Busk's idea.

      1. I had a similar request from Ryugin in Tokyo and for Kikunoi in Kyoto. It is not unusual at the high end in NYC, even on Open Table. I think it is very reasonable.

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          l was not required by Ryugin in 2009, interesting how things change.

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            To add to that, I was also asked at Les Creations de Narisawa earlier this year.

            I don't think it's an unreasonable request. If you can't make it, the least you can do is let the restaurant know.

          2. hmm, interesting, I ate there once in September and once in November, for lunch both times (if that makes a difference in their reservation policy), and they did not ask for a CC on either occasion.

            1. Pierre Gagnaire Paris and many other US restaurants do that too
              L'Arpege only recently
              But if you show up once and intend to reserve for the 2nd time onwards - they will let you book without any CC guarantee