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Nov 30, 2011 07:24 AM

Mavi Bistro, Hudson NH

Just opened about 2 weeks ago. Has anyone tried it yet? Menu looks interesting.

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  1. If only they had doner kebab on their lunch menu, I'd be there in a nanosecond. Still, looks like a spot I'd like to check out.

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    1. re: Tante

      No worries Doner Kebab on the way it will be available soon :)

      1. re: ozcan

        No way! I'll be there for sure to try it out. Haven't had one in 10 years and have been longing to find one in NH.

    2. Read a great review about this place by a blogger. Can't wait to try it.

      1. I went last night in a party of 4. The space is small, but nicely decorated. The owner brought us an amuse bouche of a sauteed eggplant and onion salad. It was my first time eating eggplant; I thought it just needed a bit more salt, but my companions enjoyed it. We started with a fried cheese wrapped in phyllo and the shepherd salad. Both were nicely done. My DH, who doesn't care for raw onions or tomatoes enjoyed quite a few bites of the Shepard salad. The dressing was just the right amount.
        The website is very accurate with it's description as Turkish with a french flair. Some of my dining companions were hoping for more traditional Turkish dishes and they were a bit disappointed there wasn't a doner and some other traditional dishes on on the menu. However, when our entrees arrived all disappointment vanished.

        My companions ordered the chicken kebab and the beef kebab. Both enjoyed the seasoning and said the meat was cooked perfectly. I ordered seared scallops with bulgur and roasted mushrooms. Amazing! The scallops were perfectly seared and the bulgur was a lovely chewy contrast. The mushrooms were roasted and had little caramelized bits on them; the earthiness of the mushrooms was a nice balance to the scallops. I was so happy with this dish.

        We had a little room for dessert, and the 4 of us split a creme brulee and baklava. The plate came with 4 one inch pieces of baklava which, according to our server, is made by the owner's wife. It was a bit heavier on spices than other baklava's I've had, but delicious nonetheless. Normally, I have not been a fan of creme brulee in the past. This creme brulee had a thicker texture and was served in a tea-cup like dish. I was a bit slow getting to the brulee, so I only had one bite, but I could have eaten a full portion myself.

        All in all, it was a lovely meal and worth the buzz it's been getting. The portions were just right and the food was well executed. I look forward to another meal and recommending Mavi Bistro to others.

        1. I was at Mavi Bistro last week. The restaurant was a cozy place. I think Mavi has the best Kabob in town. I tried beef and chicken kabob. I think the kabob was grilled to great taste. The owner is very honest and the atmosphere is very friendly.

          1. GF and I made a reservation for Saturday night, and I'm glad we had the reservation because Mavi was full when we arrived. Seated promptly - which bodes well for how they manage their seating/reservation. 10/10 there.

            I give any new independent restaurant quite a bit of leeway, and I will do the same with Mavi Bistro. I plan to go back in a few months to witness how they may have evolved. Overall very good food, and that's what we Chowhounders care about right?

            But not so fast. We care about more than just the taste of a dish -----

            I'll jump in here first with my biggest complaint so we can put that aside and maybe get to the positives regarding the food: The restaurant was freezing cold (Feb 4). We were seated in the side room which appears to have been an appendage of the building. And it was COLD. VERY COLD. It seems it wasn't the only cold part of the restaurant that night -- EVEN in main dining area, I noticed several patrons WEARING THEIR WINTER COATS WHILE THE DINED.

            And before I get off my bitch-train about the temperature -- let me tell you something about myself. Yes, I know you are fascinated about me, and want to know everything about me... Of course you do. But forget about that. Here's the situation related to me & my relationship with temperature: When about the house I am often in a pair of shorts only, and GF is in full pants and sweater mode. She and I exist in different climate zones. I am usually way too warm and complains about me using AC in the summer.

            On this semi-chilly evening (approx 32 deg outside), both GF and I ended up passing our time at Mavi Bistro freezing our ass*** off. GF wore her Marmot down jacket the whole time, and me, the one who is almost always way-too-hot, ended up wearing my winter coat during the whole dinner experience. That was a new situation for me -- to be so damn cold in a restaurant that it caused me to keep my coat on the entire time. Hard to dine and enjoy when your legs are freezing.

            In the side-room area where we were seated, there were four tables. And almost everyone was wearing their coats. Perhaps 7 out of 10 people among the crowded, small tables in this side room were dining with their winter coats on.

            Never, during our time there did our tall, beautiful Russian waitress (she told us she was Russian) comment on the fact that my GF was wearing a down jacket, and the fact I was wearing a coat while we were there. So maybe that is normal at Mavi Bistro? I can't remember being so cold ever while trying to eat, except while winter mountaineering in the Wind River Range of Wyoming.

            If we had been told "Sorry! -- Our heat is broken tonight --- I see you are dressed as if you were outside!" -- Then maybe we would have been in a different state of mind about it --- thinking this might be abnormal. But we never got any clue this was unusual.

            There were many good points about the food. And a few areas that could use some improvement, regarding the food. I'm still trying to thaw out so will hopefully get back to provide some comments on the food. brrrrrrr......

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            1. re: Dave B

              Why didn't you inquire about the lack of heat?

              1. re: bewley

                Bewley - that is a very fair question.

                And my response & reaction is that it's not up to me to determine, or investigate their heat problems (if Mavi or others see it as such) as an initial, first-time visitor. My only Chowhound purpose as I see it here, is to interpret my experiences. Intervention, as I see it, isn't my responsibility. If I "frequented," a restaurant, then I might be inclined.

                Purposely, if you will --- I did not inquire, just to see how they handled it. These details are telling to me. If someone met me at the door on the way out asking how my experience was, I certainly would have provided my feedback. We did get "Turkish Water" hurriedly sprinkled on our hands as we exited, and if someone asked me "How was your dinner/visit," then I would have inquired.

                I do promise to follow-up with my impressions on the food.

                Despite my "chilly" reception at Mavi Bistro, there were some positive notes. The chairs/furniture isn't one of them, but I'll get to that.

                1. re: Dave B

                  The "heat" issue always intrigues me, that's why I asked. Lack of heat in a restaurant typically indicates a place is not doing well and is trying to cut costs. However, if the place was packed and the food good, I would be hard pressed to think this was the reason.

                  I think Ozcan Cece (the owner), who I believe posted above on 12/9, should be able to explain why the place was cold. All other reviews, here and elsewhere, don't mention an issue with temperature, so my guess is they were having an issue with the furnace that day and too embarrassed to bring it up (which is totally unprofessional imo).

                  1. re: bewley

                    Dave B, you should have asked the Russian waitress if the restaurant was trying to recreate Siberia, or the more balmy climes of the Bosphorus.