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Colorful Knives Your Thoughts

The Kuhn Rikon full color knives look like toys, yet as we know they are sharp as razors. Does anyone with young children in their homes buy these? They just seem like a disaster waiting to happen. They evoke the feeling you can get when observing a candle flame, and get the need to touch it.

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  1. Hmm, I never thought of it that way (as in kids get attracted by them), but your point makes sense. That being said, I think most others knives are shiny, and that is attractive to little kids as well.

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    1. A locking drawer for knives is a good idea when young children are present, regardless of the look of the knives.

      1. Much like touching the flame of a candle a kid will only do it once. A little blood and some crying = a good life lesson.

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            Red hot burner for me, not once but twice ( I was a slow learner), The more my mom told me not to touch it the more I wanted to so the second she turned her back I put my hand on it, I still remember doing it then hiding my hand till she noticed something was off.

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              In my case, my mom didn't turn her back. She watched me.

              I wanted to touch it, touch it, touch. Maybe because it is so shiny. She finally said, "Fine, touch it". I still remember I cried a lot afterward. *According to her, the iron has already been partial cooled down*. I am not sure about it.

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            Yeah, they have 10 fingers so one less isn't so bad :)

            1. re: michele cindy

              A child is not stupid enough to cut their own finger off only adults do that to themselves.

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                My grandmother had nine, so it was a constant reminder.

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                  My grandmother only had 5 toes, also a good reminder to always wear steel toed boots cutting the lawn.

            2. I love those Kuhn Rikon knives! Both for how sharp they are AND the bright colors. When my now 11 yr old son was little I used to keep a latch on the drawer where I keep kitchen tools like that.

              1. I can see a child being intrigued by the colors. Thankfully I am passed that stage but always hope they will listen a bit more.

                What does annoy me is when adults think that children rationalize like adults. No child can fathom what a knife can do or a hot stove or a car in the street.

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                  Yes but they feel pain. Agreed on the car in the street though

                2. Totally love the watermelon one, being a child in an adult suit, myself.

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                  1. re: kattyeyes

                    There is a line of Kuhn Rikon Kinderkitchen knives and utensils.

                    KR also makes a rounded tip 'sandwich' knife, which is surprisingly useful, both for cutting bread slices (with serrated edge), and for spreading things.

                    1. re: paulj

                      Fun! I dig the dog knife and the gator tongs. These duck snippers are quite neato as well:

                      I was thinking I could use the melon knife as a bread knife as I have no use for a special melon knife. I just liked it for the whimsy of it all.

                        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                          Snagged a Kuhn cheetah knife for myself yesterday (Marshall's) and a zebra one for my friend. Can't wait to play with this thing!



                  2. In legal circles I believe they call this an attractive nuisance. With that said, I wouldn't worry about it. A lot of things are colorful, attractive or harmful to kids. flames, detergent bottles, dog toys, medicine, etc. As with anything a watchful eye is usually sufficient.

                    As my pediatrician said, the biggest danger is when relatives and grandparents come to the house. They might not be 'trained' to not leave colorful knives lying around -- or meds, so hazards can become more accessible if visitors aren't used to them.

                    I have the KR doggie knife and my daughter likes it. She also has a few other knives, but now she uses the kids misono. She hasn't cut herself yet, but she has burnt her hand on a burner.