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Nov 30, 2011 06:34 AM

BK fiddles with their fries again...

...but STILL screws it up with a "coating!" Again with the coating bk?!! Geeze, they can't even manage to copy a good fry. I'll have to see for myself in a coupla weeks:

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  1. Stupid, they should have gone the Wendy's route and gone more "natural". I haven't had BK since they switched their fries in '98 (according to article) and I ate a lot of fast food in high school. I wonder how many did the same.

    1. Haven't tried the new fries. But I NEVER order fries at BK. They've always disappointed. Their sorry excuse for onion rings is always the side choice if I end up there.

      1. Thicker fries, now with more coating!! (due to size)

        Still havent eaten BK's gross fries in at least 5 years.

        Read some of the comments at the bottom of that story - they say it all!

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        1. re: joe777cool

          I didn't know about this but ate there a couple of weeks ago and noticed the new fries. They were not very hood.

          1. re: roro1831

            Ate at BK recently. We must have had the new fries. Both my wife and I thought they were completely devoid of taste. I ate about 3 fries, then gave up. Salt didn't help. My 2 1/2 year old, who LOVES fries, wouldn't eat them, either.

        2. Finally got around to trying these new fries. Like everyone else, I find them thicker, longer, and more "Wendy's" like...but with the same odd coating bk is famous for. A big improvement over the old fries, but mcds, et al have nothing to worry about. These fries still suck

          1. I will likely not be able to try them, since I have celiac and can't have gluten. I miss fast food french fries....I usually only get them at Five Guys, since the only food they fry are fries, my risk of cross contamination is low. But I always thought Burger King had terrible fries, haha!