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Nov 30, 2011 05:12 AM

Best Cookbooks of 2011 - NPR's Results. Do you agree? Any other lists to share? What's yours?

Here's NPR's annual list of the best Cookbooks of the year:

'Tis the season for these lists and I thought it would be fun to have a thread going to share lists that we find and, add our own.

As for NPR's list, I just recently purchased "Cook This Now" and haven't even had a chance to flip through it. Though I've had "The Food of Spain" for a few months now, I haven't cooked from it.

That said, I'm always happy to add more books to my wishlist (and who am I kidding, my cart!!), what do you think about this list? What books would you add/remove? Are there any other lists out there that you've seen?

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    1. My favorite book from the NPR list is "The Food of Morocco". Lovely book and a nice complement to Mourad's New Moroccan. I didn't have any Moroccan books prior to these 2 (besides Roden's "Arabesque").

      Biggest disappointment was "The Food of Spain". I had really been looking forward to this one, but actually returned it to Amazon. I had zero interest in any of the recipes and her writing quickly got on my nerves. Guess I'll stick with Penelope Casas's books.

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        I have all of Wolferts books in all of their editions and love them, but I was dismayed when I took this one out of the box - its just too big, heavy and filled with pix for me. Sure, Im going to use it, the recipes look great, different from/expanding upon her first Moroccan volume but I heartily wish she hadnt gone in this direction.

      2. The New York Times just put out its list:

        Ottolenghi's Plenty (which I got when it came out in the UK last year) is on it, and is unquestionably the greatest addition to my library in recent times, so I'm glad it made their list.