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Nov 30, 2011 04:47 AM

Best Thai in Sydney

I haven't yet tried this place, but I just bought a copy of Time Out Sydney. One of their articles was "Thai Takedown". This southern Thai(spicier)restaurant was rated as the best Thai and it was even the favourite of the Thai Consul-General Biravij Suwanpradhes in Sydney. It's at Shop 106-108A, level 1, 8 Quay Street(south of Hay near Paddy's Market), Haymarket (02) 9211 5729

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  1. That's quite a big call given how many great Thai places there are in Sydney. It's new and different and sounds great but the best hmmm...?

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    1. re: PhilD

      Having eaten at some other TimeOut top picks, they can be quite hit and miss

      1. re: mr_gimlet

        Caysorn was recommended however by the Thai Consul General, so it gives it more cred。

        1. re: YVR flyboy

          YVR - but have you tried any Sydney Thai restaurants? Spice I am, Chaat Thai, House, Longrain, Sailors Thai etc etc. What do you think? I am certain Caysom is good and it's nice to have a southern Thai option as Isaan seems to have been fashionable.

          I think the Thai Consul General may know a thing or two about Thai food but that isn't a guarantee. Being a civil servant or government official doesn't bestow better taste buds on anyone and just because you are Thai doesn't mean you are an expert - are your fellow countrymen all experts on food, would you follow any Canadian's advice? (I believe you are from Canada).

          1. re: PhilD

            Yes , I'm from Canada, Vancouver(but raised in Montréal & educated in Toronto)

          2. re: YVR flyboy

            Maybe the consul general is from the south of Thailand, so Caysorn has a nostalgic appeal for him. As with PhilD, I wouldnt be relying on the consul-general to necessarily be the best judge of Thai food

            1. re: Onara

              I would be keen to hear from someone who has been....!

      2. Here's the review form grabyourfork:

        I haven't been to Caysorn, but my guess is Spice I Am (the original) is still the best.
        I'm partial to Saap Thai on Pitt Street too. But anything in Thaitown is good.

        Chat Thai and House are good but somewhat overrated, methinks.

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        1. re: anarcist

          I read Helen's review on GYF and it definitely sounds good. However, she never really says anything negative in any of her reviews and as so many are freebies that probably isn't that surprising.

          1. re: PhilD

            Hi PhilD!
            Is Sailor Thai still holding its own in Sydney?
            If you get to Las Vegas, Lotus of Siam is the best Thai I've ever had.

            I so enjoy reading your take on Paris and Sydney and wishing you all the best!