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Nov 30, 2011 03:09 AM

Crockpot holiday cider recipes?

I'm looking for a recipe someone told me about that involves making cider in a crockpot. I know she said the ingredients included apple cranberry juice and a whole orange with cloves in it. Anyone have a recipe with these things? I don't want alcohol in this either.

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  1. Nope. Never done it with apple cranberry juice. That's more of a fruit punch than an apple cider I think.
    For traditional mulled apple cider you either get apple cider from your farmer's market or grocery store, then you can put it in the crockpot on low (or on the stove on low, it doesn't matter), add your seasonings, and mull for an hour. You could put in an orange studded with cloves if you like. I add orange peel, a cinnamon stick and a small cheesecloth bag with 5 or 6 cloves, a hunk of peeled ginger, a whole nutmeg in it and some peppercorns for spice). It works really well.
    If you want to make your own apple cider, you can buy fresh apples, core and quarter them, then puree the quarters, peel and all in a food processor. Then spread a triple layer of cheesecloth over a large mixing bowl. Plop the apple puree in it. Gather up the ends of the cheesecloth and squeeze away, getting the juice out of the apple puree. You can store this in the fridge as is for around a week. I'd put the fresh cider into the crockpot, add my spices and mull away.
    Just a thought!