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Nov 30, 2011 02:06 AM

Restaurant recommendations in Johannesburg?

I've had a good look around the Africa boards and there seems to be very little on Johannesburg restaurants. I'm already in town and have been to a number of good French/Italian/steak restaurants but am having trouble finding good Asian (specifically Thai and Vietnamese) here.

Can anyone help? Recommendations for any other good places to eat in Joburg are also welcome.

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  1. For Thai/Vietnamese try Cranks in Rosebank (a funky place) and also for Thai try Wangthai on Mandela Square in Sandton. I haven't been to either in a while but have not heard anything to suggest that they aren't still good. Hope you can try them.

    1. leaving for Johannesburg next week...what do you recommend?

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        any other suggestions? any South African food we shouldn't miss?

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          We ended up in Melville and I liked it a lot - ate at Melon, Lucky Bean, Xia Xia, Cafe de la Creme - I'd go back to any of them.