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Nov 30, 2011 12:01 AM

Visiting for a long weekend - need recs for good raw food and Mexican!

Hi, I'm visiting from NYC. This will be my second time in SF. Last year I tried Betelnut, Mamacita, Water Bar, Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe, Boulevard, and Delfina. I will be in the financial district for business but am staying in Cow Hollow. I would really like to eat things that are tough to come by in New York (e.g. very good raw food and Mexican) but am absolutely open to anything else that you think is standout. If you have suggestions near Cow Hollow, all the better. I plan on going to the market in the Ferry Building on Saturday so any favorites there would also be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  1. From a left coaster in a place also bereft of good Mexican: I had a delicious Baja-style fish taco at Mijita (permanent fixture in the Ferry Building) on a visit early in November. If the Primavera stand is at the Saturday market, get in line and try pretty much anything they have on offer, from previous experiences. I also loved the shrimp tacos at Tacobar on Fillmore near California on our most recent trip. There are por supuesto the taco places in the Mission, which are legion and generally cheaper. It's a bit controversial but the taco dorado at La Taqueria is memorable. Check out the more filling but equally great torta options as well in that hood. I loved Los Picudos' carnitas torta a trip or two ago.

    Speaking of filling, nearer Cow Hollow in the Marina, I've read that Los Hermanos is a bit like the Mission burrito joints but the one time I tried to go, it was closed (as it always is on Sundays, my bad).

    BTW, these places are all casual to super casual, even hole in the wallish, so nothing like the places you went to last time.

    1. Cafe Gratitude is raw and will be gone the next time you're here. I think their vegan Mexican place Gracias Madre cooks some stuff, it'll be gone too.

      1. There is a raw bar in Cow Hollow: Eastside West on Fillmore.

        1. Too bad you can't get over to Berkeley (doable by BART) - there is a great vegetarian rest. GATHER in Berkeley - near the campus. It has both non and veg food but people just rave about it.

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