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Nov 29, 2011 11:15 PM

Moving to Seattle, Green Lake area, any suggestions.

Hi I'm moving to Seattle on Thursday to the Green Lake area. Taking suggestions but here are my preferences and limitaitons:

Budget: $-$$. So about $10 usually but $25 on special nights and occasions.
Eating meal preference: Usually going out to eat lunch for most of my days but also would prefer some nice budget friendly night spots for a unique dinner, which leads into...

Food type preference: Looking for BBQ, burgers, Italian, Korean BBQ, brunch, Izakaya, Spanish, I love bistros or boulengeries. Also some bakeries for some dessert. Basically nothing really seafood oriented because I grew with that and want to try something new and nothing really Chinese either. I'm willing to go out of my comfort zone for adventurous food as well just so long it isn't really seafood.

I'll be taking public transportation and I am willing to go as far as downtown Seattle for any destination places.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Where are you moving from ?

    1. Well, you're close to the U-district so there's a ton of cheap places on Roosevelt and University avenues. Unless you're on the south side of the lake, then Tangletown and Wallingford would be your go-to neighborhoods. If you're on the west side of the lake then Fremont and Phinney have some good choices. There's also that whole north side of the lake...

      I know the bus lines pretty well, if you can pin down your location more I can try and think of eats along a convenient route :)

      1. Some of my favorites, a bit west of Green Lake.
        * Mr Gyros on Greenwood Ave. Very tasty, always crowded, but the line moves fast. Extremely nice service. Inexpensive.
        * Kabob House, Greenwood Ave. Pakistani. This place gets mixed reviews. Read yelp and decide. I love the kabobs and biryani. Very spicy. Service is slow.
        * Lucky Pho, Fremont Ave. It's not the greatest, but it's good. The place is comfortable to hang out and linger. I like the kogi tacos. The pho broth is on the sweet side.
        * Revel in Fremont -- Korean-french flavors. This will be more pricey. High quality, interesting, delicious food.
        * El Camino in Fremont -- nice friendly Happy Hour. I like the steak tacos and tamales.
        * Uneeda Burger, Fremont Ave -- Really tasty grassfed hamburgers. They have a good selection of beverages.
        * Dot's Deli, Fremont Ave -- This is really a charcuterie/bistro. Everything I've had is really good. It might look pricey, but the quality is outstanding.

        Ice Cream shops:
        Fuli Tilt -- my favorite
        Bluebird Creamery

        Green Lake is a lovely neighborhood. Enjoy.

        1. Tangletown is a little hidden area that holds a Mighty-O Donuts and a pretty good sushi place in Kisaku. Kisaku has a good selection of sushi and will tweet if they have any special order fish in that day.