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Nov 29, 2011 10:36 PM

Anyone have a company worfhy fish stew recipe without any shellfish?

Having a guest who is "sort of" kosher. Since fish is, I believe, neutral under kosher rules, a fish main course would give me more flexibility for appetizers and dessert.

I have an easy Provencal fish stew from Pierre Franey that I have made many times, but when I adapted it without scallops, it ended up tasting too fishy.

To complicate things, another guest hates olives and has trouble digesting anything spicy. So, sauted fish topped with sauted cherry tomatoes, onions, garlic & black olives, a favorite preparation of mine, is out. I don't love poached salmon and broiling makes the house smell.

Other than fish stew, I'm thinking sauted halibut with an interesting sauce. If not a stew, stovetop grilling or saute seem the best prep options.

Ideas please.

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  1. If halibut appeals to you, try drizzling some olive oil (jut enough for a skim to coat) on aluminum foil, sprinkle with herbs of choice, lay halibut on the oiled foil and top with minced ginger, julienne scallions, drizzle with lemon juice (you can make this with any fish similar to halibut). Wrap tightly (rolling top down to seal) and bake in moderate oven until flaky. You can finish them under the broiler if you want some browning.

    1. 1. Not all fish is Kosher.

      2. If a fish stew tastes "too fishy" then you need better fish.

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        The fish was fresh. I meant strong. It was red snapper and it dominated the dish. Yes i know monkfish isn't kosher but I don't like it anyway.

      2. I've made a sort of West Indian-style fish chowder before, with coconut milk, curry powder, allspice, bell pepper, potatoes sometimes tomatoes etc. Two advantages here: The spices and other strongly flavored ingredients mean that a) it doesn't need to be spicy for it to not be bland ( Of course, I love adding some scotch bonnet pepper or other capsaicin-filled goodness but it's really not necessary) and b) the fishy taste isn't too overpowering. It's also a hearty, colorful meal.

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          1. re: Paprikaboy

            As per my earlier post, not all fish is Kosher and monkfish happens to be in the "not Kosher" column.

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              Monkfish is most definitely not kosher. In order to be kosher, the fish has to have scales. So swordfish isn't kosher either, although the conservatives frequently accept it, since it does have scales as a larva. Shark, skate and sturgeon are also traif......while shark and sturgeon have scales, they are very different from typical fish scales. Eel is an interesting is regarded as un-kosher, but, technically, it is....scales are present, but practically microscopic and hidden. So basically, scales or not, its traif.

              1. re: EricMM

                "So swordfish isn't kosher either, although the conservatives frequently accept it, since it does have scales as a larva."

                lol, so much hair-splitting...when I read sentences like this, all I can of is "I am SO GLAD I am Reform and don't bother myself with this absurdity!" But anyway, it seems like it would be easy to substitute a kosher kind of fish for the monkfish, although the recipe might suffer from removing the clams, since they have a strong savory flavor. Maybe some minced anchovies for the umami instead?

          2. I suggest you search out recipes for Cotriade, a hearty northern French fish stew that frequently does not include shellffish. It is sometimes served over good toasted country bread. There is a basic recipe in Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything, but I found his version a bit mild in the spicy-heat department.

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            1. re: Bada Bing

              Thx. Heard of cotriade. Will chk it out.

              1. re: Bada Bing

                I am actually using Bitman's Cotriade recipe as a base for fish soup tonight. Although my soup would never pass for kosher, it has Spanish chorizo as an ingredient, it's quite delicious. I just saute the chorizo cut into chunks and add it to the fish and potatoes and broth.

                1. re: oakjoan

                  Thnking of making another cortriade soon, with the cold weather. Did you feel as I did that the Bittman spicing was a bit too tame, or maybe your chorizo amped things up enough?

              2. This is a GREAT fish chowder recipe. I add celery in the saute.