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Nov 29, 2011 09:22 PM

Great Moules Frites in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville?

I live in Cambridge between Harvard and Porter Square. Sandrine's in Harvard Square used to have fantastic moules frites, but the last time I checked their menu online I saw that they were no longer listed. Does anyone have recommendations for a restaurant (preferably in my area, but anywhere in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville is fine) that has good moules frites? They're one of my wife's favorite foods and I'm hoping to find another go-to place now that Sandrine's doesn't seem to be serving them anymore.

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  1. Haven't been for a while but had some great moules frites at Sam's on the waterfront (Northern ave) ... water views are a bonus

    1. I haven't been recently but Central Kitchen is famous for their "Mussels from Brussels."


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      1. re: BostonZest

        I second that. Love their moules frites.

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          I also agree. I searched Brussels for mussels that I liked as well as Central Kitchen's Mussels from Brussels.

        2. Publick House has a few different versions of the dish. I like their fries a lot. Its a bit far for you but the beer selection makes it worth the trip.

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            It's 20 minutes and a fairly short walk on the 66 bus. Hardly a hike.

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              20 minutes from Harvard Square to Coolidge Corner on the 66? I ride that bus every day, and it's a very good day if it can get from Harvard Square to Commonwealth Avenue in 20 minutes, even at off-peak times. Add getting from "between Harvard and Porter" to Harvard Square, and 3/4 of a mile from Coolidge Corner to Washington Square, and yes, it's a bit of a schlep.

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                You can take the Beacon St. Green line from Coolidge Corner up to Washington Sq if the walk is too long for you. The only time it took 20 min was the time there were 2 66's running together. We flew!

            2. Strip-Ts in Watertown has a version with a spicy Asian sauce on their new menu. My friend got them recently and loved them -- I could not try due to shellfish allergy. :(

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                Aquitaine in the Chestnut Hill mall. Delicious for lunch.

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                  had the moules frtites at the atwood's tavern, tasted pretty good to me ( though in full disclosure i was several Stone 2011 Vertical Epic's in at the time.)

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                    I'll second the mussels with fries at Atwood's. $10 gets a large portion, served w/fennel, andouille sausage, and aioli.

                    Atwood's Tavern
                    877 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02141

              2. I've had excellent moules frites at Eastern Standard and also Brasserie Jo.

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                  I second Brasserie Jo. Had them last week. Very good!