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Stock (new Trump tower)

Apparently, the restaurant in the new Trump tower at Bay and Adelaide will be called Stock and the EC will be Tedd Clarmo. I don't know anything about this chef (other than what I read on chefDb. Any thoughts?

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  1. Tedd/Todd who??!!!
    With Jean Georges Vongerichten already has a restaurant in NYC's Trump International Hotel, I was hoping he might follow Daniel Boulud's or David Chang's footstep by opening 'something' up here?!! Sigh!! Wishful thinking!!

    PS: Just Google searched Clarmo's credential. Troigros and other French restaurants trained! Hope his food is as good as his resume on paper?! He was also at Langdon Hall. If that's the case then I am ??????. Since I have never been impressed by the over-rated LH!

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      Heh, that would have been most welcome. When I (half-jokingly) asked Chef Jean Georges last September if there were any potential plans to open in Toronto he laughed and said no, not right now, that there are enough good/exciting restaurants here at the moment.

    2. You guys do realize Trump himself has nothing to do with this building? He's just licensing his name/brand to a developer. Todd Clarmo was also the EC behind the failed Oasi that took over the old Mildred Pierce space.

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          John Szabo was also the same sommelier at Oasi. I recall the reviews of that venture were less than favourable.

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            My biggest query is that, if Todd Clarmo is such a great chef, then why did Oasi failed? TO's foodie circle is quite a small one. As such, if the food is good, people will come??!! Besides, I doubt one can blame it on the location since the old Mildred Pierce was pretty successful in that locale?!

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              it was underfunded, the small margins of restaurant fate, lots of overhead to begin, lots of start up costs, lots of bills to pay and not enough hungry (or thirsty) people to feed and water. it was almost too hip and too exclusive, the food was marginally better than ok and it came at a time when smaller places were opening and cool and hip. then all the charcuterie and nose to tail places became the rage and they weren't that and were left in the dust-oh and they still had all those bills that they hadn't been paying.

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                Of course you know restaurants can fail for many reasons. Good food alone does not make for a successful business.
                Clarmo has talent in the kitchen. He has a good pedigree , worked in some very high end restaurants and inns . He was with O & B for many years. Since then he has bounced a bit.
                It will be interesting to see if he lasts at Stock. I think Oasi wasn't right for him. I hope the food is decent because one night soon, I am going to try it!

            2. Has anyone had dinner at Stock recently?
              They don't list prices on their website. Are the prices for mains roughly equivalent to Canoe's ($38+ for a main)?

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                Its even pricier than Canoe . The food at Canoe is better IMHO.

                Here is the Globe review,


              2. Just wondering if anyone has been recently and whether things have improved. A co-worker went last fall and thought the food was good but not worth the hefty menu prices.

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                  We went for Sunday brunch last weekend and it was a special occasion. Everyone loved it, the room was nice, presentation was lovely and service top notch BUT watch the booze. Like others have commented prices are hefty and boy it can add up fast!!!!

                  But I have to repeat, service was excellent. Our service, noticing we all had oysters, took it upon himself to bring us a tray full. I thought that was very thoughtful.

                  The chocolate lab thing - while different and tasted good - I was expecting much more.

                2. Went for their pre-show prix fixe a coupe of months ago, the food and presentation were top notch, but the food itself was not very adventurous. Cocktails were great, as well as the service. The mood and crowd of the restaurant was way too pretentious for me though. The price was $50 for an appetizer, entree and two decent truffles, not worth it in my opinion.