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Nov 29, 2011 06:48 PM

Cleaning up pots after boiling fresh dungeness crab.

So I used my big All-clad stainless steel pot to boil fresh crab in... and now I can't get it clean.

Can someone suggest a good, safe cleanser that will take off the crab goodness stuck to the inside?

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  1. Try soda bicarbonate or Bar Keeper's Friend. (suggested by all clad)

    1. I use Kleen King stainless steel cleaner on my All-Clad. It cleans all that crabby residue right up. I got it at the supermarket but can't remember which one, it was a while ago. I've heard Bar Keepers Friend (at Bed Bath and Beyond I think) will clean SS, but I have never tried it. I'd be interested to hear other recommendations of the more homespun variety. Have you tried some white vinegar? That is usually my go-to cleaner before I try anything else but I don't know how it will work on the crab goodness.