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wedding cake under $1,000???

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Hi All,

I'm getting married in October and need a yummy cake for about 100 people. We would prefer it to be under $1,000.
i know about Sweet Lady Jane, Susina and the Cake Divas.
Any other suggestions?

Thanks so much,


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  1. I don't know how much they charge, but I'd assume Porto's Bakery would be cheaper than the others you listed. I really enjoy their cakes!

    Check out the link below for more info.

    Link: http://www.portosbakery.com/cakes-wed...

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      Porto's is about $3.75 - $6.00 per person depending on what you get. Helena Wirth Cakes in Van Nuys is also good.

      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        Agree on Helena Wirth. She perfectly copied a Martha Stewart cake for $6.00/person in November 2000.

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        My brother got married last July and they had a Porto's for 150 people for $700. 3 Tier, 3 different flavors, decorated with fresh flowers. It was beautiful and really yummy too!

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          We did Porto's for our wedding - just over 80 people. It was fantastic - we actually did one larger cake for ourselves and did a variety of the smaller ones. It was a HUGE hit.

        2. If you're in the San Gabriel Valley, try anyone of the Hong Kong-style bakeries. They should be a lot cheaper than $1,000 for 100 people.

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            I agree with you on the Hong Kong-style bakeries! They're so delicious (not overly sweet) and such a steal at their prices!

          2. Try either Plusko's in the valley and Thousand Oaks or Ruby Bakery in Eagle Rock (323) 259-9052 for their phenomenal strawberry and whipped cream cakes. Very reasonable.

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              Pluskos is wonderful, I second that recommendation. Reasonable prices for very high quality cake with real dairy whipped cream --though if you're looking for avant garde or even upscale design it's not the place. Also it's a problem keeping it cold if the wedding is outside. Real whipped cream+Outdoor Summer Wedding=Potential Problem! But wow, white cake with champagne filling and whipped cream, or strawberries with the same filling, or the special and delicious chocolate cake with sliced bananas, custard, and whipped cream. Mmm!

            2. Kings Hawaiian Bakery in Torrance makes good wedding cakes.

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                My brother just got married and had his cake from Hawaiian Bakery in Torrance. It was awesome. I would recommend the paradise cake and the dobash... though the hopia is good too.

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                  My wedding cake was from King's Hawaiian as well. We got a ton of compliments because we had the tri-colored Paradise cake and guests were so surprised by the color. The flavor and fluffiness nearly did them in. Since then, I've had at least two friends ask me for King's contact info because they wanted to use them for their weddings too. If that's not a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is.

                  Plus, our three-tiered cake for 150 guests was under $500. Your proposed budget of $1000 for 100 guests is $10 a slice, which will get you a wedding cake at any bakery in LA, even the high end ones, unless you do a lot of up-grades in terms of fancy decorating.

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                  We get most of our cakes from King's Hawaiian and always have people raving about the cake.

                3. Gelson's Viktor Benes bakeries do splendid wedding cakes. Mine was a princess cake, which is white cake, raspberry preserves, fresh whipped cream and marzipan. Very elegant design (exactly what I asked for, and I am picky) and many commented that it was the best wedding cake they'd ever have. My sister-in-law still insists on small princess cakes from Gelson's at all functions.

                  1. Rosebud on Robertson. We had cake for 175 people for under $1000 and it was an insanely beautiful, alice in wonderland/dr. seuss kind of thing.

                    You should get the "show" cake for about 75 people (just enough to let it look big and beautiful) and then get a matching sheetcake to make up the difference. Let them cut it in the back of the house and no one will ever know the difference.

                    Paris Pastry is less expensive than that, and pretty good. But our Rosebud cake was one for the ages.

                    1. Bee's Knee's in Pasadena did our cake- 3 tier cake to serve 70 (95 people on the guest list, we figured we'd attrit a few during dinner and were right)- about $650 if I remember correctly. They did an excellent job and were really good about working with us on what we wanted flavor-wise, winding up with a chocolate ganache covered red velvet cake with cream cheese and walnut icing. I can't recommend them highly enough.



                        1. I just did a cake tasting recently. My two cents, with frosting on top:

                          When it comes to delicious cake and beautiful, SweetCake in Hollywood; they are young, very cool designs, and the cakes rock. Susina is amazing. Leda's cupcakes in sherman oaks makes regular cakes too, and her flavors are AMAZING. A MAZE ING.

                          I have to agree about Bee's Knees. I once stopped in to try something there thinking it looked so cute and I loved the name. Worst cupcake ever. Bad pastries. I don' think I would ever leave them to a cake for a large number of people.

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                            I am also infatuated with Leda's Bakeshop. We get a cake here for every special event. The buttercream that she uses is just plain delicious! The Dulce de Leche and Chocolate Chocolate make my heart go pitter-patter.

                          2. You can always get a smaller cake to cut in front of everyone and then have a sheet cake in the back that is cut for the guests....Hansens in Beverly Hills does great cakse, have half a sheet cake is $50...

                            1. I got married last month, and our wedding cake was under $300. We got our cake from:

                              Symphony Bakery
                              (626) 309-0933
                              9103 Las Tunas Dr
                              Temple City

                              It looked okay, but nothing special or unique. We had our florist decorate it with fresh flowers, which looked really nice. We got a mocha cake, which tasted pretty good.

                              There's a very nice bakery in San Marino, called Vanille. I don't have an exact address, but it's right on the southwest corner at the Huntington Dr. and San Gabriel Blvd. intersection. Their cakes are beautiful, and taste great. And for a very nice cake, you're looking at under $500.

                              1. How bout cupcakes?

                                I friend of mine does the most beautiful cupcakes- yes, more beautiful than Bluebird Bakery or Sprinkles.

                                And he fills them with raspberry, kahlua, lemon curd or chocolate. He's done a bunch for weddings.

                                PS- these are also amazing out of town guest gifts

                                Check out


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                                1. re: julietg

                                  julietg, I know this thread is old but I'm currently on the hunt for a really good baker (we plan to have cupcakes) for our wedding. We're also on a very tight budget. I just wanted to know how I can get in touch with your friend who does amazing cupcakes.

                                      1. re: achuu

                                        I didn't link that one. Hang on- I'll find his updated link.

                                2. The Bread Basket in Camarillo is reasonably priced and the cakes are delicious and beautiful. I believe they even make you a free cake for your one year anniversary. They definitely deliver to Los Angeles. Check out their website!

                                  1. I served 100 people for less than $100 - with Trader Joe's chocolate ganache cakes. My amazing florist of a brother designed a display of cascading cake pedestals as a triangle around a beautifuly *dripping* flower arrangementment of lilies and irises. Our guests RAVED about the cake and loved the set-up. I realize that this option is probably not for you; but I wanted to post in order to add to the general knowledge. This is a great option for inexpensive, elegant and beautiful simplicity.

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                                      Hi there. I getting married in June and was thinking about getting a TJs cake too. Could you tell me more about how you set it up? Do you think it's something I caould do on my own. If you have a picture that would be great thanks so much. My email is my username bahadur at hotmail (all one word)

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                                        Elissa! I was doing some research on inexpensive wedding cakes for a friend and came across this bit on Chowhound. Although this is obviously 5 years old, I'm hoping we could get some more info on your wonderful idea. I've had the TJs chocolate ganache cake before, and it is delicous. I'm helping my friend plan a wedding for just over 100 in the LA area for a teeny tiny budget. I was describing your idea to her, but she couldn't picture it. Might you have a digitial photo of the display with all the flowers you could share? Also, wonder where one would get the pedestals on the cheap? Her wedding will be outside in early evening in July, so I am also wondering if the ganache cakes would melt. They come frozen right? Thank you! : ) K

                                      2. I would agree with many of the comments here but I'm surprised I haven't seen one pastry shop mentioned. My wife and I got our glorious cake made at Chez Nous in Toluca Lake near Burbank. The pastry chef - if it's still the same guy - perfectly copied a pattern my wife wanted and what's more, each tier was as untraditional as an American wedding cake could ever get. To this day - and it was four years ago - people still talk about our cake. The prices are probably a bit higher now but we got ours for just under $1,000 and it fed 200 people. Tiers were as follows: Triple Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate Genoise; then Sponge Cake with Passionfruit Mousse; then Chocolate and Hazelnut Giandujia Cake; then Grand Marnier Bavarian with Fresh Strawberries. Insane, isn't it? They have a web site: www.cheznous.com

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                                          I'm glad to hear SOMETHING is worth eating at Chez Nous!

                                        2. OK the search is on! Im starting the search for a reasonably priced, yet affordable wedding cake bakery and was wondering if the original poster had any luck or used any of the suggestions given. any help appreciated :)

                                          1. la provence, beverly hills, olympic at la peer. black and white cake. chocolate cake with choc. mousse and strawberries. decorated with black and white choc. panels with choc. covered strawberries and choc. curls. glorious!

                                            1. Ok, the best part of wedding planning is the cake tasting!

                                              Layers on Ventura in Sherman Oaks.
                                              13944 Ventura Blvd.
                                              Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
                                              (818) 784-3918

                                              Can do a delicious cake for less than $1000.

                                              Also search on The Knot or Wedding Channel boards for Gigi Bobb. She works out of her house in Palos Verdes and starts at $2.50 a slice for yummy cake.

                                              1. Try jade's bakery in Gardena/Torrance (310) 719-8889, their cakes are really good and the price will be way under $1000. Just have to ask to see Jennifer

                                                1. Helena Wirth Cakes are wonderful.

                                                  1. have you gotten your cake yet? If not, check out Jacqui's in North Hollywood. My sister got married in June and Jacqui created a lovely cake for $600 for about 150 people. I don't know what your tastes are, but my sister and I generally do not go for very sweet desserts so we really liked Jacqui's becuase it was nice and light and not very heavy.

                                                    1. Thanks to everyone for your responses! you've given me alot of great contact info. now I am craving cake :) wedding planning, and all these small details can stress a girl out, so thanks for making it a little easier. Hoping these places can also make a small grooms cake. fiance is a huuuuge red sox fan, so having a small chocolate with red sox logo cake made for him :)

                                                      1. That's so funny...I'm planning a Red Sox groom's cake as well! I was thinking of a replica of Fenway Park....

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                                                        1. re: WestsideLisa

                                                          ohhhh then you must have a grumpy red sox fan at home right now like I do with their recent losing streak! :( im sure your future husband will LOVE the Fenway replica. I think its a special way to incorporate the love of the sox in to the wedding. Let me know if you find a good place to make it

                                                        2. I think you're going the wrong way with the three bakeries you listed. Their cakes are beautiful, but they aren't terribly good. I would highly recommend Cathy's Bakery, located in a strip mall in San Gabriel (on the southwest corner of Las Tunas and San Gabriel Blvd.) for your wedding cake. Not only do they do beautiful cakes, it's also quite tasty. Throw in a few bucks (maybe more, since the cake you're in search for sounds immense!) and request the flakey pastry centre. Heaven!

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                                                            I love that flakey pastry center but it's not for everyone. I've had friends who thought it was too weird and gross. Kind of like putting chips inside your sandwich.

                                                          2. Heavenly Cakes & More in Oxnard. A bit out of the way, but the best cake I have ever had in my life. Everybody at my wedding raved. And they serve fresh cake samples for tasting sessions unlike many of the high-end bakers that serve frozen samples.

                                                            1007 Harbor Bl.
                                                            Oxnard, CA

                                                            1. Hi All,
                                                              just a quick question for those of you who have been there and done that- If I go for a cake tasting, and happen to not like the cake, what is the obligation there? When you go in for a tasting, is the baker aware that you may not go with their bakery afterall? any advice appreciated!

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                                                                Some bakeries make you pay a small amount ($10 or so) for the tasting; others limit you to three or four tastes... but all of them know that you may choose another bakery. Don't make a decision in the bakery -- say, "Thank you for arranging the tasting, we'll be in touch," and leave. Make the decision at home, then only call the bakery you want.

                                                                1. re: Das Ubergeek

                                                                  thanks much for the advice :) just was feeling weird about the sense of obligation to order once you have gone for the tasting

                                                              2. Jamaica's Cakes on Pico near Gateway has the best wedding cake I have ever had in my life. They did our wedding and I don't remember it being that expensive. They use very fresh ingredients and have very creative designs.

                                                                The also have amazing scones. I like all those places mentioned, but Jamaica's is better. The people are also very nice, unlike the folks at Sweet Lady Jane, who can be a bit surly.

                                                                1. OK, so while I do understand that this is 3.5 years after the fact (I hope your wedding cake was fantastic, rhubarb, who/wherever you are now), but hopefully my advice will serve someone getting married now.

                                                                  Van's Bakery makes incredibly lovely, tasty cakes with a sort of light sponge dough sandwiching a mousse interior. Her cakes are far more delicious than for example the cakes at JJ Bakery which are more about the light airy texture than fullness of flavor. Van's cakes are also light and airy but are really delicious as well (which, of course, was of utmost importance at a Chowhound wedding). We had about 55 people at our wedding and had plenty of leftovers. Fresh roses on the cake. Total cost was about $170 + $30 deposit (refundable when you return the cake platter and pillars). Plus, the cakes they make for their wedding are available in slices from the general bakery, so you can try all the flavors before committing. We had a 2-tier cake-- one strawberry and one young coconut.

                                                                  And for what it's worth, we had a humongo special order challah from Diamond Bakery on Fairfax (we had people taking chunks of it home to make French toast), pastrami and rye from Langer's, and a 10-course traditional Chinese wedding banquet at Mission 261. Chicken heads on the platter and all. (Hey, we realized that this was the one and only time that many of these people would be eating real Chinese food, so we had to make sure the experience was both memorable and delicious.)


                                                                  Mr Taster

                                                                  Van's Bakery
                                                                  860 E Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA

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                                                                  1. re: Mr Taster

                                                                    Mr. Taster - love your pic!

                                                                    Also happy to hear of your shout out to Diamond bakeries challah. When I got married (more years ago than is legal in LA) my mom and I baked challah from my grandmothers recipe - enough for 80 people! Since then the closest I have found to it, ready made, is Diamond Bakery.

                                                                    Now I need to check out Vans...

                                                                    Diamond Bakery
                                                                    335 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA

                                                                  2. First of all, congratulations!

                                                                    You should definitely check out Manille Bakery - I attended an event at CBS studio and Manille did the catering for desserts. I was blown away twice - first by the taste and presentation, and then I called them up for some prices for a big party....and their prices and amazingly good. If you visit their bakery, they also do some killer cheesy bread thing I've never seen anywhere else. Here's their link:


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                                                                      Ooh, never heard of this bakery before... I'll check them out. Thanks for the link :D

                                                                    2. Plusko's in Canoga Park. They did our wedding cake and it was amazing! The Champagne cake is fantastic!

                                                                      21013 Sherman Way
                                                                      Canoga Park, CA 91303-1765
                                                                      (818) 348-2880

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                                                                        Just did three tastings this weekend and one previous to-go tasting and the winner was Plusko's in CP. We ended up with the Chocolate sponge, vanilla custard and fresh bananas covered with buttercream. Herbert, the owner, was amazing. He educated us on the various options and did not have a pushy sales pitch. We tasted Jamaicas cakes, Pastries by Edie and Hansens in addition to Pluskos. The price was more than reasonable, in fact it was almost half as much as the others mentioned and Plusko's tasted better to boot. In addition, the other bakers did not want to create the cake we wanted to taste, which was a copy of the one Plusko's wowed us with. Their loss and not our guests! Great recommendation from the CH LA board.

                                                                      2. You would never believe the cake would be that delicious, but you can get a cake from Ralphs Bakery that is incredibly delicious! And it is cheaper than any bakery you will find! We are getting a wedding cake to serve up to 220 people for $300! We found out about how delicious their cakes are when we went to a friends birthday party, and the cake was one of the best I have tried, and I am a dessert affecionado!

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                                                                          I have to agree with you about Ralph's. We had our wedding cake from there and it was fantastic and they took great care of us and were so happy to be doing it. We paid about $75 to feed 50 people and everyone raved about it (and they are tough critics) and thought I was lying when I said it was from Ralph's.