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Nov 29, 2011 06:28 PM

Icelandic Lamb

I raise Icelandic lamb on my small homestead farm in Vermont. I am curious what people's palates have to say about Icelandic lamb vs other types of lamb products. Does any restaurant carry lamb on the menu that is specifically noted as Icelandic?

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  1. I haven't seen any specific mentioning it but there are a large number of farm to table restaurants in Vermont that I'm sure would be interested in special lamb. :) I've never had it, so I wouldn't know the diff. :)

    How often do you have meat available?

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    1. re: Morganna

      Hi Morganna - We typically have Icelandic lamb in the fall into early winter (depending on how much we have and how quickly it sells!). We have lamb available now that we are selling direct to customers from our farm and soon at the farmer's market in Burlington.

      1. re: Stark_Hollow_Farm

        How much do you usually charge, and would you sell a whole lamb at a discount, and how much lamb is on a whole lamb?

        1. re: Morganna

          Hi Morganna - We do not have any whole lamb right now, but will next fall. We have sold custom cut before, but I won't have a price fixed until next year for next year's product, but in past we have sold for $7.50 - 8.00 per lb hanging weight. Hanging weights usually run around 35 - 40 lbs and will yield 20 - 25 lbs of packaged cuts.

    2. Hi saw your post, I'm from wales in the Uk as you will be aware huge place for sheep, the question that I have is where are you located and do you sell to the public

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        Hi Dave, we are located in Huntington, Vermont in the US. We do sell to the public, but aren't really set up to sell internationally. Laura

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          No I'm from wales but now live in NH, aprox how much for 1/2a
          B, I can pick up

          1. re: djr222

            Hi Dave, what do you mean by 1/2a B? Sorry..not sure. We do have some lamb left, but selling through quick!