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Nov 29, 2011 05:49 PM

Nuevo Vallarta/Puerto Vallarta restaurants?

Going to Nuevo Vallarta for the first time. Would love to eat at wonderful restaurants - doesn't matter if it's a shack on the beach or nice and more expensive. Also plan to go to Puerto Vallarta a couple nights and don't want to waste my time or money on mediocre meals for those 2 nights. Seems like the posts on Puerto Vallarta are years old, so I'm looking for suggestions from foodies who have been there recently. Thank you from the bottom of my stomach!!

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  1. not a lot in Nuevo but in centro is Trio and Barcelona Tapas and on the south side I recommend Mariscos Polo, a moderate Mexican owned seafood restaurant

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      sorry to be so ignorant - by "in centro" - is that Puerto Vallarta?

    2. Actually things are a lot better in NV. On the Mayan side there is a Porto Bello from the Marina and next to it Prime 159 Steakhouse . On the Paradise Village side there is a new seafood restaurant near Fajita Republic with great reviews. Near the second NV exit is a strip of new restaurants including La Dolce Vita and an excellent Asian restaurant Gingers . And there a lot more in NV and close by in Bucerias.

      In PV there the always excellent La Palapa on the beach and across the street a reopened El Dorado . Near the Cathedral is a very good bistro La Cigale .


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        First off, thanks for getting this thread started and for all the replies. I'll try to add some stuff after our upcoming trip.

        Fajita Republic, mentioned above, is a family favorite. It's not creative, nor is it authentic, but it is pretty darned awesome americanized mexican food. Let's face it, you're going to mexico and at least one night you want a Bohemia beer and a taco.

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          Good time to go to the NV Fajita Republic. In summer they are infested with mosquitoes.

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        1. great! thanks for your stomach is growling already.

          1. Be sure to go to Hotel Garza Canela in San Blas for a meal--the restaurant there is out of this world! Tell chef Betty Vázquez that Cristina at Mexico Cooks! sent you. You will be thrilled with everything you eat there.


          2. Porto Bello is a bit spendy but very very good.

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              ok. just got back. We stayed at the Grand Luxxe and all the restaurants in the facility were just ok, more for convenience and service but the food was not worth going back.
              The best meal and overall experience I had was at Teatro Limon - it will set you back $100pp but is worth every penny. It's a "restaurant" in a house, with 5 tables. The chef asks you about your allergies and dislikes - then makes a 5 course meal right in front of you, inviting you up to watch how he prepares the food. We liked Laguno Tino's food and prices; Pipi's in downtown Puerto Vallarta for fajitas, atmosphere, and the huge marguaritas; and the view and price of El Muelle (tacos for 75 cents, in the marina at Nuevo Vallarta). Did not have a good experience at Nicksan. Food was expensive, not that good (in fact we had to send something back because it was inedible) and our waiter was either very new or very shy or both.