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Nov 29, 2011 05:26 PM

Trader joe's should come to B.C.(Vancouver)

After going to the states over our long weekend I went to TJ for the first time, and wow . Great food, great selection, all natural/ organic and the best is great prices. We need an in-between grocery store like this. And what I mean about in between is for example, safeway and whole pay cheque(whole foods).
Now I know state side is and will always be cheaper than us 40million canadians but come on government free trade my ass. But we need something like TJ in our city.

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  1. I've had various products from TJ shipped to me by well meaning friends stateside-for the most part what I've tried is a pale imitation of what we have cheaper in local ethnic grocery stores.


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    1. re: Sam Salmon

      One big exception: TJ's chocolate covered pomegranate seeds. Worth crossing the longest undefended border for.

      1. re: Sam Salmon

        TJ's is definitely cheaper than any shop in Vancouver I've seen. All natural, too.

        1. re: 1newyorkguy

          If Trader Joe's is truly your thing, some enterprising folk have opened a "I Love Trader Joe's" store where the old Transylvannia Bread was (next to Coco & Olive), where they're just selling a multitude of Trader Joe branded items. No affiliation. Can't comment on any mark-up as I haven't been to the Bellingham store in awhile. No idea how long that can last before a cease/desist comes about.

          1. re: clutterer

            Is this true? Can anyone else confirm that there is actually a store in Vancouver called "I Love Trader Joe's?"

              1. re: clutterer

                I went today. They have several hundred products versus the 8000 in a real TJs but they're getting more of the pomegranate seeds which is all I really care about ;-). It's called Transilvania Trading.

                1. re: grayelf

                  What time did you go today? I also want today and the place was closed, there is a sign in the window saying the owner was on his way to trader joes, to pick up more product?

                  1. re: vandan

                    I was there about 6 pm. He's doing 10-9 but recommends calling first to be sure.

                    1. re: grayelf

                      Yeah I noticed the sign stating the hours of operation, but it sure would be nice if ou had someone running of the place when he was away7

                      1. re: grayelf

                        What's the number? I've been by a few times but they are either closed or out of what I want

                        1. re: vanfoode

                          558-4099. And I am now addicted to the caramel sauce with fleur de sel, sigh.

                          1. re: grayelf

                            I was in the area today, and I've been so intrigued by this thread, that I had to check the place out! It's a small place, but quite a few things caught my eye. The woman working there was very friendly - she said she hadn't been there very long; it's her brother's store. She offered me a mittful of chocolate-covered raisins (yummy). They were out of the chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds - after hearing about them here, I was hoping to score some! I did, however, get a 284g package of dark chocolate-covered edamame for about $3.69! The kids went nuts for that! Also bought a packet of Chile Spiced dried mango -they're great! Sweet and spicy!! Found a118mL bottle of Pure Bourbon Vanilla extract, which was about $5 and change. Also picked up a box of TJ Macaroni and Cheese - see what my youngest thinks of it. I will definitely go back at a later date to see what other goodies catch my eye. I saw the black liquorice scotty dogs, and almost got those.....

                            1. re: grayelf

                              The TJ caramel sauce with fleur de sel is yummy. I think I liked the one I got from Bi-Rite creamery in SF even more next time you're down!

                              1. re: farman

                                Nice tip re Bi-Rite. I've had their salted caramel ice cream which is good also. BTW I just noticed that the TJ's sauce is by Trader Jacques, LOL.

          2. ... while it may not be the epitome of hi end fancy food, there is just something about many of the tj's products that beat out any other shop.

            with respect to other contributors to this interesting site, i'd say that TJ'\s is a highlight of any southward shopping trip for many travellers.

            Meanwhile, OP, enjoy the closeness of the one in Bellingham WA , those folks there are super helpful and there are many products that make handy gifts, make a quick meal that seems exotic (not daily, of course) etc. We had to beg for that location in Bellingham and hopefully one comes to Wenatchee (i think one just opened in Spokane, they actually built the building which is kind of new for TJs). I used to live in US (tho born and raised here CDN) and it's one of those things that some of us just have to visit while going south

            the other place you might enjoy - and this is kind of how TJ's started out way back when in pasadena ca - is the Grocery Outlet in Bellingham (it's a chain that is in the WEST usa - each location is individ owned. See website. ) --- you never know what you find each time you visit. it's not fancy by any means, but i think well worth the money - i am not associated in any way. Just another curious and supportive customer.

            ps - there is an interesting thread somewhere recently on chowhound, i think on the BC board maybe back in Oct-Nov 2011 about what one comes back over the border with in terms of foodstuffs.

            1. Gone to the Bellingham store last Saturday (passed by many times, this time we actually stopped and shopped). Fantastic. Didn't get the $2.50 bottle of merlot, tho' ;-) Store was on the small side and crowded, but we managed to find a few things we wanted despite the jam-packed shelves. And checkout staff were great too.

              Found this online when I came home. Thought I'd share it with CH-ers, a good read:



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              1. re: LotusRapper

                Gong to SF in a few weeks and have already plannsd my jaunt to TJs @ Fishermans Wharf, $ 2 Chuck on the list ......