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Nov 29, 2011 04:23 PM

Sunny Food Mart

My boyfriend was feeling like pho for dinner tonight, so I met up with him at our usual place in a strip mall just south of Don Mills and Eglinton. We needed milk at home, and he mentioned how he thought there might be a grocery store nearby.

Was there ever!

Tucked into one end of the strip mall, and pretty invisible from the street, was this really clean, large grocery store - Sunny Food Mart. We were only in the place for a short time, but I was amazed. It is essentially a Chinese and Middle Eastern grocery store COMBINED. If a T&T and Adonis (my favorite Montreal Lebanese grocery store) had a baby, it would be Sunny.

Really, really huge produce section and a great meat section filled with large cuts of lamb, goat and ducks as well as the usual suspects. The frozen seafood section was also big (a la T&T) and they had an entire room set aside in the store for fresh fish and seafood. They had a bakery section that had chinese buns sitting side by side baklava. And there was a hot deli counter featuring the usual dim sum and chinese take out stuff side by side some yummy looking samosas.

The place is obviously playing to its market - Flemingdon Park has big Chinese and Middle Eastern and Central Asian populations. And at 6pm on a weeknight, it was pretty packed with shoppers.

We only spent a few minutes in the place because we were in a rush to get home, but we'll be returning soon for a real, in-depth grocery field trip. Anyone go there often and have some good recommendations on what to look out for in particular?

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  1. Thanks for the review. I've driven past it many times and keep meaning to give it a try.

    1. Zomg. Their flyer says they have empanadas!

      Only the Don Mills store seems to have Middle Eastern stuff! My mom raves about the Leslie store.. Will definitely give this a try the next time I'm in the burbs. :



      1. I go there every couple of weeks, usually to stock up on ingredients for Indian and Asian cooking. The fruit and veg is a good price and there's lots of Asian stuff available. Some good frozen Indian breads in the freezers and lots of those insanely fatty Philippines sausages. The meat looks like a great deal but it's hit and miss. I've been burned a few times so I just give it a miss now. You'll see "Angus" steaks ridiculously cheap, and they are like leather 2/3 of the time even if they look nicely marbled. The fresh fish and seafood is good.

        I'm not a fan of the bakery. It's mostly processed white breads in different shapes. There's a great selection of canned goods and jarred sauces and spices. The Middle Eastern selection is there, but it's nothing like, say, Arz.

        1. I like this place. Agreeing with the other posts -- good prices, selection and it's clean.

          If there is a negative, I've never enjoyed the prepared food which I've found to be either greasy and/or salty.

          1. I come here almost daily ,its a 5 min. walk or 1 min bike . Yes they have empanadas and are good . I now shop the store as if it were my fridge .Truly a luxury for me. Their weekly flyer is well spread-out ,consumables wise. CLEAN is what this place is.Always someone on the aisles tidying up .Prices are decent .

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