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Sunny Food Mart

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My boyfriend was feeling like pho for dinner tonight, so I met up with him at our usual place in a strip mall just south of Don Mills and Eglinton. We needed milk at home, and he mentioned how he thought there might be a grocery store nearby.

Was there ever!

Tucked into one end of the strip mall, and pretty invisible from the street, was this really clean, large grocery store - Sunny Food Mart. We were only in the place for a short time, but I was amazed. It is essentially a Chinese and Middle Eastern grocery store COMBINED. If a T&T and Adonis (my favorite Montreal Lebanese grocery store) had a baby, it would be Sunny.

Really, really huge produce section and a great meat section filled with large cuts of lamb, goat and ducks as well as the usual suspects. The frozen seafood section was also big (a la T&T) and they had an entire room set aside in the store for fresh fish and seafood. They had a bakery section that had chinese buns sitting side by side baklava. And there was a hot deli counter featuring the usual dim sum and chinese take out stuff side by side some yummy looking samosas.

The place is obviously playing to its market - Flemingdon Park has big Chinese and Middle Eastern and Central Asian populations. And at 6pm on a weeknight, it was pretty packed with shoppers.

We only spent a few minutes in the place because we were in a rush to get home, but we'll be returning soon for a real, in-depth grocery field trip. Anyone go there often and have some good recommendations on what to look out for in particular?

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  1. Thanks for the review. I've driven past it many times and keep meaning to give it a try.

    1. Zomg. Their flyer says they have empanadas!

      Only the Don Mills store seems to have Middle Eastern stuff! My mom raves about the Leslie store.. Will definitely give this a try the next time I'm in the burbs. :



      1. I go there every couple of weeks, usually to stock up on ingredients for Indian and Asian cooking. The fruit and veg is a good price and there's lots of Asian stuff available. Some good frozen Indian breads in the freezers and lots of those insanely fatty Philippines sausages. The meat looks like a great deal but it's hit and miss. I've been burned a few times so I just give it a miss now. You'll see "Angus" steaks ridiculously cheap, and they are like leather 2/3 of the time even if they look nicely marbled. The fresh fish and seafood is good.

        I'm not a fan of the bakery. It's mostly processed white breads in different shapes. There's a great selection of canned goods and jarred sauces and spices. The Middle Eastern selection is there, but it's nothing like, say, Arz.

        1. I like this place. Agreeing with the other posts -- good prices, selection and it's clean.

          If there is a negative, I've never enjoyed the prepared food which I've found to be either greasy and/or salty.

          1. I come here almost daily ,its a 5 min. walk or 1 min bike . Yes they have empanadas and are good . I now shop the store as if it were my fridge .Truly a luxury for me. Their weekly flyer is well spread-out ,consumables wise. CLEAN is what this place is.Always someone on the aisles tidying up .Prices are decent .

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            1. I have shopped there many times but find just like everything else in life perfection is far from reachable in this world :). It is good if you need to cover specific asian and pakistani culinary needs. I often buy middle eastern yogurt/lamb meats/ curry spices while I try to get my weekly Chinese veggies.

              Quality is the biggest problem I find in Sunny - bought a nearly rotten watermelon that was indistinguishable on the outside(tapped it too): when I opened it up it was rotten with a funky chemical smell - so not sure if they used some sort of chemical preservation despite the produce was showing signs of decline. Could have been my own fault but after a couple of misses I only go there when it is convenient. Plus their prices is not cheap compared to the other major chains like Hong Tai etc just at nearby 401 and Vic Park.

              1. This is my favourite grocery store in Toronto. I find the produce MUCH better than Bestwin. Even their discounted produce looks quite reasonable.

                I love how they cover so many ethnic ingredients - I can find Turkish red pepper paste, Korean chili powder, Filipino coconut vinegar and Indian naan all at one store! They have oodles of beans, including all sorts of Indian varieties as well as Turkish dermason beans (haven't found those elsewhere).

                My only complaint is that typical "North American" groceries are bit more pricy (aka milk and soy milk). I can't comment on their meat, fish or bakery sections, though.